Back To The 50’s Wedding

Back To The 50’s Minneapolis Wedding

Last Saturday, Joannie and I had the pleasure of creating Taran and Heather’s Back to the 50’s wedding photographs. This was a really fun wedding to attend as guests were encouraged to dress for the theme and indeed most of them did! Joannie & I even got into the act too! We both can tell you that one of the best things about our Back to the 50’s outfits were the shoes. It was so nice to wear something really comfortable for a wedding, from a shoe standpoint.

Last summer, I created Taran and Heather’s engagement photos with them at the MSRA “Back To The 50’s” Car Show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I really love their idea of doing both Back To The 50’s engagement photos and Back To The 50’s wedding photos. And they really nailed it both times too!

A Game Of Pool Anyone?

The whole wedding party prepared for the day at the TownePlace Suites in downtown Minneapolis, MN. This is a nice hotel and less than a 10-minute drive to the site of their wedding itself at Elsie’s Restaurant Bar & Bowling Center.

My favorite hotel images would have to be the ones we created by the pool table. It was in that very room that we set up for Taran and Heater’s first look too. We made quite a few images there, including several of the wedding party. When you combined that setting with our amazing Canon EF 11-24mm f/4.0L USM lens, it really made for some cool Back To The 50’s wedding pictures images by that pool table!

A wedding party wearing Back to the 50's attire in the pool room at TownePlace Suites.

Taran and Heather’s wedding party in the pool room at TownePlace Suites.

Just Chillin’ Out (Actually Freezing Out)

Once again, Mother Nature played a major role in another one of our weddings. With the air temperature at about 30 degrees, and a strong wind out of the north making a windchill of 15, Taran and Heather made the call that outdoor wedding photos would be scrapped. I really think that was a good call. The wind alone would have made it pretty miserable to be outside for more than a minute or two.

So the rest of their Back To The 50’s wedding photos, their wedding ceremony, and the reception would be at Elise’s. Elsie’s was really crazy when we arrived. They had some sort of an event in the bowling alley and it was packed with people. So we set up shop in the banquet room where all of the wedding festivities would be held.

After moving a couple of tables to give us a little space, Joannie and I photographed our future newlyweds and their wedding party in more detail. The wedding party took the Back to the 50’s wedding theme and really ran with it! This is a very fun cast of characters to be sure.

Wedding party photo at Elsie's in Minneapolis, MN wearing Back To The 50's wedding attire.

Taran, Heather and their wedding party at Elsie’s in Minneapolis, MN.

It was nearing time for the ceremony, so Heather and Taran went into hiding while their wedding guests were arriving. A very sweet wedding ceremony followed, officiated by Taran’s brother, John.

Both Taran and Heather wrote their own wedding vows and they both did an awesome job! Very heartfelt, and sweet, with a little humor tossed in there as well. Taran, a big fan of The Red Green Show, concluded his vows with the “Man’s Prayer” from the show. He asked all of the men in attendance to stand and recite it with him too!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, here’s “The Man’s Prayer”: “I’m a man… But I can change… If I have to… I guess.”

The groom leads The Man's Prayer at his Back To The 50's wedding at Elsie's in Minneapolis, MN.

Taran leads all of the men in “The Man’s Prayer” at the end of his wedding vows.

Bowling and Whole Lot More!

Once John declared Taran and Heather husband and wife, their wedding celebration went into full swing. The social hour even included open bowling, and quite a few guests took them up on it! Here’s the whole wedding party on the lanes at Elsie’s!

A fun photo of a large wedding party on the bowling lanes at Elsie's.

Taran and Heather’s wedding party on the bowling lanes at Elsie’s.

Dinner and dancing followed to put an exclamation point on this fun wedding day. Joannie and I finished our coverage with another attempt at a light painted wedding photograph at an active bar (Taran and Heather’s), which I’ll be working on in the days to come. This one should be “extra” interesting as the old wooden floors at Elsie’s move when people walk on it. Hopefully each image will match up. I’ll find out soon once I get going on it. Fingers crossed.

A big thank you to Heather and Taran for including us as part of their wedding day. We’re so happy for you guys and we’re looking forward to many years of friendship together. – M&J

“Back To The 50’s Wedding” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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