Back To The 50’s Engagement Portraits

Back To The 50’s Engagement Portraits

Here are Taran and Heather’s Back To The 50’s engagement portraits! We created their themed engagement photos last Friday evening during the MSRA “Back To The 50’s” Car Show. This was the show’s 45th annual event held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in Falcon Heights, MN.

Since their wedding will be Back To The 50’s themed, we thought why not do Back To The 50’s engagement photos too? Taran and Heater’s wedding will be held at Elsie’s Bar & Restaurant near downtown Minneapolis, MN next March. There will be bowling and other fun surprises at the wedding and guests will be encouraged to dress for the theme too! It should be pretty cool!

Taran and Heather's Back To The 50's engagement portraits.

Taran and Heather – “Back To The 50’s” engagement portrait.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Temperature wise, last Friday evening was a bit on the hot side, although it was nothing like it is out there today! I know that wearing 50’s clothes was more than a bit uncomfortable for Taran and Heather. I did my best to keep them in the shade as much as I could since sunny conditions are never a good idea for portraits of poeple in the first place.

Unfortunately, there were hardly any clouds in the sky to help us out. Thankfully, I had “Lightning McQueen” along with me. “Lightning” got a workout with the harsh lighting conditions that we faced. Walking around the fairgrounds with my self-built lighting contraption got a lot of second looks and quite a few questions too.

At one point, we took a nice break in the shade and enjoyed chocolate shakes to cool down. Well, actually we would have gotten them if it was freezing outside. Don’t you just love ice cream at the State Fairgrounds? I know I do.

One of Taran and Heather's Back To The 50's engagement portraits.

A kiss under the State Fair Grandstand.

The fairgrounds were really packed with cool cars and thousands of people enjoying them too. I’m pretty happy with the way that their engagement photos turned out considering how sunny, hot, and crowded it was. When you see their images, it will be hard to believe that the fairgrounds were as full of people as it was.

I’ve put together a cute music video with some of my favorite images. I know you’ll enjoy Tarana and Heather’s Back To The 50’s engagement pictures. I think you’ll get a kick out of the images we were able to create at a very crowded event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. – M&J

”Back To The 50’s” Engagement Portraits” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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