2019 Easter Photos

2019 Easter Photos

We’re well underway with lots cute kids here for their 2019 Easter photos with our cute bunnies, Spot and Fluffy. The whole idea here, in addition to a really fun experience and creating cute Easter portraits to enjoy for many years to come, is to raise money for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf in Mounds View, MN. For well over 25 years, we’ve been combining our Easter portraits and fundraising for Ralph Reeder. We’ve raised thousands of dollars for those in need and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

Aftyn and Brayden Meet Spot and Fluffy

First off, we’ve got the adorable, three-year-old, curly-haired, Aftyn, and her cute seven-month-old brother, Brayden. Having been here last year for her Easter bunny photos, Aftyn is a pro at this bunny thing. She’s not afraid to tell you just that and just about any other story that comes to mind. It’s exactly what makes hanging around with a three-year-old so special. You just never know what they’re going to say!

2019 Easter photos of two cute siblings and two real bunnies!

Aftyn and her brother Brayden pay a visit with Spot and Fluffy.

Brayden, being just seven-months-old, just liked to hang around to check out what his big sister was so excited about. As you can see, their 2019 Easter photographs are really very cute!

Here’s a fun little music video with some of my favorite images and video clips from Aftyn and Brayden’s 2019 Easter pictures.

Beau Meets Spot & Fluffy!

Then we have Beau, a cute three-year-old boy who cautiously approached our little bunnies. But it didn’t take him very long to enjoy hanging out with Spot and Fluffy! It was really cute to watch how gentile Beau was with these two soft creatures. He just barely touched them with one finger most of the time!

2019 Easter photos of a cute 3 year old boy and two real bunnies.

That smile says it all!

Beau’s cute Easter Bunny music video is below. What a cute kid!

Sweet Miss James

Our last adorable kid in this post is four-year-old Miss James. James has been visiting our cute bunnies for a few years already. She also stops by to visit with Santa Claus at our studio every year too!

In just the last few months since she was here to see Santa, James has become much more “grown-up”! James was pretty soft-spoken, and kind of timid, when she was here in November. Not so much at Easter time! She’s pretty outgoing and loved to plant kisses on both Spot and Fluffy!

2019 Easter photos of a cute four-year-old girl nose to nose with a cute bunny.

James goes nose-to-nose with Fluffy!

James’ super cute music video, complete with several bunny kisses is below!

That’s it for now. We’ll try and share more cute kids and their 2019 Easter photos with Spot and Fluffy in the days ahead. There’s still time to sign up as the bunnies are here for this week too. Here’s the link to do so: https://adesignerportraits.com/easter-bunny-portraits/

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

2019 Easter Photos” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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