Brooks Nine Month Portraits

Brooks Nine Month Portraits

Several days ago, I had the pleasure of creating Brooks nine month portraits here at our home studio. Since it was grandparents day for Brooks, he brought grandma and grandpa along to supervise the operation. This little dude is growing up way to fast. Despite the long hard winter, it seems like just last week that he was here for his six-month portraits in December. Slow down, buddy!

Brooks nine month portraits in the studio.

What a cute little dude!

Due to a wardrobe malfunction, Brooks nine month photos got started with the cute outfit that we arrived in. While Grandpa worked on getting his other outfits, grandma and I got underway in the camera room. Brooks wasn’t really very excited about it at first. As a grandpa myself, I just think he wanted his grandpa to be there. Because once grandpa returned, it was no problem getting great smiles from the little man! (Grandma really had a lot to do with that too!)

Brooks nine month portraits wearing a cute spring outfit with a vest.

Brooks is all set for spring in this cute outfit!

Even though his naptime was approaching, he was a very happy camper. Even with multiple outfit changes, he didn’t really make a fuss. Brooks is already starting to stand up by holding on to things, but his best expressions came once he didn’t have to concentrate on standing up.

As you’ll see in his music video, Brooks also has the “backward moon crawl” going for him. I don’t think he knows he’s doing it, but it’s really kind of cute! He just ends up going in reverse a little bit at a time.

Brooks nine month portraits wearing a cute blue outfit and a bow tie.

Brooks is all dressed up for college!

As I like to do with almost all of my photo sessions, I’ve put together that cute music video of Brooks nine month pictures on our YouTube channel. Please take a moment to check it out. I’m pretty sure it will bring a smile to your face right away.

“Brooks Nine Month Portraits” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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