Tired Of Winter

Veronica’s Three-Year-Old Portraits

Since I’m getting pretty tired of winter weather, I went looking back to when it was warm outside (which seems like two years ago), to find something warm to write about. So I’d love to share some of Veronica’s three-year-old portraits with you!

Miss Veronica dropped by last September with her mom and grandma. Miss Veronica was “in charge” from the moment she arrived! If it wasn’t her idea, it simply wasn’t going to happen! Thankfully, we three adults were able to convince her that “most” things she did were her idea. At least once in a while anyway.

Because we are tired of winter, here is Veronica's cute three-year-old portraits from last fall.

Miss Veronica’s “I’m doing it my way” pose. actually pretty cute if I don’t say so myself!

Since it was a nice day weather-wise, we started with Veronica’s three-year-old photos in our Portrait Park. I had Lightning McQueen all ready to go since I knew that we might have an “active” subject. When I told Veronica that I was going to use Lightning McQueen for her portraits, she was kind of excited. But when I introduced her to my custom lighting cart, she thought it was a stroller! Pretty cute!

As you’ll see in her highlight music video below, Veronica is a real character. Some of her posing ideas were a bit on the unique side. She had all three of us laughing inside (and out loud at times). Veronica is exactly what makes being a children’s photographer so much fun.

More Fun Inside

After all the action outside in our Portrait Park, we moved indoors for a new outfit and setting change in-studio. We used our antique baby buggy as Veronica’s first prop. The challenge was getting Veronica to stand where we could see her. It took a lot of convincing to make her think it was her idea to be on the side, instead of behind the buggy!

Because we are tired of winter, here is one of Veronica's cute three-year-old studio portraits with a baby buggy from last fall.

One of “few” photos of Veronica where she can actually be seen with the baby buggy!

We completed her session with her trademark “back-of-my-outfit” photograph while sitting on out little white kids couch along with Kanga from Winnie The Pooh. Every time I photograph Veronica, she gives me at least one pose of that shows her back (actually, most of her cousins do the same thing each time too). What a cute kid!

Because we are tired of winter, here is one of Veronica's cute three-year-old studio portraits from last fall.

Every time I photograph Veronica, she makes sure that I get at least one photo of the back of her outfit. It’s her trademark!

So, if you’re also tired of winter, like me, I hope that Veronica’s three-year-old pictures will make you feel better about the fact that spring is supposedly right around the corner (even though it doesn’t even remotely look that way outside right now).

Thank you for reading our post and think spring! – M&J

Tired Of Winter – Veronica’s Three-Year-Old Portraits” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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