Light painting of New Brighton Engine 494 done in the firehouse with a two-year-old boy and two toy Dalmatian puppies!

Light Painting of New Brighton Engine 494

Light Painting of New Brighton Engine 494 I’ve got another cool light painted firetruck photograph project completed! This is the story behind the awesome light painting of New Brighton Engine 494. The Engine 494 is a 2016 Rosenbauer Engine. It is the second due truck for alarms and structure fires behind Aerial 498. Engine 494 is also the truck

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A photo of New Brighton Aerial 498 and a junior firefighter before light painting.

Light Painting of New Brighton Aerial 498

Light Painting of New Brighton Aerial 498 Here’s a really cool project that happened last week. I had the opportunity to create a light painting of New Brighton Aerial 498. Well, that’s not entirely accurate as not only did we light paint New Brighton Aerial 498, but at the same time we light painted Unit #3. Unit #3 is the 1955

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Cute little bugger newborn baby girl with a sweet little smile.

Cute Little Bugger

Cute Little Bugger I had the pleasure of creating the newborn portraits of this really cute little bugger, Iris Kathryn, last week. While we were at it, we also snuck in a few of her first “official” family portraits too! What a cute family! At less than two-weeks-old, sweet little Iris was as perfect-as-can-be the entire

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A stunning winter wedding photograph taken shortly before the couples' Rush Creek wedding ceremony.

Best Winter Wedding Photographs of 2018

Winter Wedding Photographs of 2018 Just for the fun of it, we’ve decided to share some of our best winter wedding photographs of 2018. I’m pretty sure we’ll write a post about our favorite wedding photos of the other seasons last year, but we’ll get started with the coldest season first! Since we have two very

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Because we are tired of winter, here is Veronica's cute three-year-old portraits from last fall.

Tired Of Winter

Veronica’s Three-Year-Old Portraits Since I’m getting pretty tired of winter weather, I went looking back to when it was warm outside (which seems like two years ago), to find something warm to write about. So I’d love to share some of Veronica’s three-year-old portraits with you! Miss Veronica dropped by last September with her mom

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