Light Painted Wedding Photo at Grandview Lodge

Light Painted Wedding Photo at Grandview Lodge

It’s been crazy here at our studio the past few weeks, but we now have Wes and Lindsey’s light painted wedding photo at Grandview Lodge completed! Actually, we have two of them!

The weather for Wes and Linsdey’s wedding was less than ideal. But photography wise, it was just about perfect! Yes, it was very cold, but the peak fall colors were made even prettier by the rain and snow. It really was one of the prettiest weddings we’ve ever photographed! And after more than 33 years in the wedding photography business, that’s saying a lot!

Please check out their beautiful Grandview Lodge destination wedding photographs leading up to their wedding ceremony in “Part One”. It highlights everything from getting ready to the first looks, several amazing fall color portraits of Wes and Lindsey (like the one below), and lots of wedding party photos in the falling snow.

Bride and groom in the pretty fall colors on their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes & Lindsey in the brilliant fall colors (and snow) at Grandview Lodge.

And then in “Part Two”, there are many wonderful indoor family portraits, the ceremony, many more pretty fall color photos, and their truly stunning wedding reception, dinner, and dance inside at the Gull Lake Center!

Bride and groom kissing on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge.

Wes and Lindsey share a kiss on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge.

Light Painting The Cake Table

The first light painting that we’ve going to share was done earlier in the day, just before the ceremony. We had just finished all of the family photographs inside at the Gull Lake Center. We had also gone back outside with the wedding party for more pretty fall color photos too.

Because of the wintery weather, I wasn’t sure that we would be able to create one of our signature wedding photography light paintings for them, so I wanted to at least create something out of the ordinary for Wes and Lindsey.

A pretty light painted wedding photo of the cake topper with the couple's wedding rings.

A pretty light painting the cake topper with Wes and Lindsey’s wedding rings.

Because we had a little extra time before heading to the nearby Norway Center for their wedding ceremony, I decided to attempt a light painting before the ceremony. I had taken a peek inside the Grand Ballroom and I really loved what I saw. Even though they were still setting it all up, it was amazing!

In the southwest corner of the room was the cake table. It wasn’t just any cake table either, it was really cool looking! We didn’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to try and light paint it for Wes and Lindsey before they went to hide before the ceremony. So we quickly brought them in for their part at the start of the light painting process and then we sent them on their way.

A pretty light painted wedding photo of the bride and groom at their pretty cake table at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes and Lindsey at their pretty cake table.

I remember Joannie asking me if we were biting off more than we could chew in that short period of time, but we got it done in record time! I really love the final image too! Light painting really brings out the details of the cupcakes, the wedding cake, and all of the decorations.

Light Painting The Gull Lake Center

Their “main” light painting happened during their wedding dance. Once the dance was going strong, I headed outside to see if there was any chance for us to create one of our signature light painted wedding photographs. It had been snowing off and on once again since our photographs on the Grand Staircase earlier.

The weather that night was just as crazy as it was all weekend. The wind had died down, and it was snowing. But when you looked up at the sky, you could see stars and the full moon peeking through the clouds! Weird, but pretty at the same time.

I decided that we would take a shot at it. What was the worst thing that could happen? It wouldn’t work.

Well, it certainly did work! It’s hard to believe that Mother Nature allowed us to pull this off with our newlyweds. The Gull Lake Center looks really cool as their backdrop, and I love the contrast of the pretty fall colors against the night sky.

A beautiful light painted wedding photo of the bride and groom outside of The Gull Lake Center at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes and Lindsey’s one-of-a-kind light painting at The Gull Lake Center.

Please check out the short video (below) on our YouTube Channel that shows many of the steps that went into creating Wes and Lindsey’s one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photo at Grandview Lodge.

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Light Painted Wedding Photo at Grandview Lodge” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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