Destination Wedding at Grandview Lodge

Wes and Lindsey’s Destination Wedding at Grandview Lodge

We now have “Part Two” of Wes and Lindsey’s destination wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, Minnesota ready to share with you! With lots of wind, rain, and snow, this was a perfect wedding day because Wes and Linsdey tied the knot!

A bride and groom at the Gull Lake Center fireplace at Grandview, Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes & Lindsey in front of the beautifully decorated fireplace at the Gull Lake Center.

A Quick Recap

In “Part One”, we shared lots of great moments from the start of their wedding day. Beginning with getting ready photos, then first looks, and followed by Wes & Lindsey in the stunning fall colors (and the falling snow). Then we wrapped it up with quite a few fun wedding party photographs also created outdoors in the fall colors (and also in the falling snow).

Bride and groom in the stunning fall colors at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Cute couple+stunning fall colors=WOW!

It’s All About Family

The decision was made during the snowy wedding party photos to create the family photos indoors at the Gull Lake Center. That was a good call (just ask the wedding party). The Gull Lake Center was also the site of their absolutely gorgeous wedding reception, dinner, and dance later that evening.

We captured all of the family portraits in front of the beautifully decorated fireplace at Gull Lake Center. Then we stepped back outside for a few more stunning fall color photos of Wes and Lindsey, as well as a couple of fun images of the wedding party. This time with only a little bit of falling snow.

The cute flower girl in front of the wedding party at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, Minnesota.

Miss Victoria shows the wedding party who’s really the boss!

Then it was time for these two to get married!

Let’s Take It Inside

Wes and Lindsey had planned on having an outdoor destination wedding ceremony at Grandview. But with the cold, wet weather, the decision was made the afternoon before to move indoors to the Norway Center.

While the decision made total sense, it turned out that it would have been really pretty to have had it outdoors, because right in the middle of the ceremony huge snowflakes were gently falling outside. It was like a giant snowglobe! But let’s face it, everyone would have been soaking wet!

Bride and groom under an umbrella at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Our newlyweds head to the Northwoods Pub to join their wedding party for milk and cookies after the wedding ceremony. 😉

Their sweet wedding ceremony was presided over by Wes’ sister, Wendee Herold. And she did a fantastic job too! Wes and Lindsey even had a “Unity Beer Ceremony”!

What’s that you ask? Well, they didn’t tell anyone beforehand (not even their moms), but a cold beer was placed under each of the mom’s chairs just before the wedding started. At the appropriate moment, Sally and Paulette reached under their chairs to bring the beers up to the Unity Table where our “almost newlyweds” were waiting.

Wes and Lindsey did their homework on what two beers could be mixed together and still taste good. They each poured one into the “Unity Glass” and then shared it. That moment brought smiles and laughter to all of us.

They didn’t drink all of it (that is 24 ounces after all), but just seconds later, during their marriage license signing, Rayme, Wes’ brother and the Best Man, helped himself to some of what was left in the glass. That brought even more laughter!

Then, just a short time later, Wes and Lindsey were officially married! Nice!

Here’s Comes The Sun!

While their wedding guests headed to the Gull Lake Center for the social hour and wedding reception, Wes, Lindsey, and the wedding party headed to the bar located in the lower level at Grandview Lodge. Right after the ceremony, I headed over to Gull Lake Center to drop off one of our lighting systems. While I was there I captured many of the stunning decorations in the Grand Ballroom. It sure was pretty!

The Northwoods Pub

Upon my arrival at the bar, the wedding party seemed to be enjoying beverages of some kind! Imagine that?

The wedding party at the Northwoods Pub at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes, Lindsey, and their wedding party enjoying some “milk and cookies” at the Northwoods Pub.

We captured the crazy wedding party photo at the bar (above), and then everyone just hung out while Lindsey had her pretty wedding dress bustled just around the corner. Then, while that was all happening the sun made a cameo appearance! Right outside the lodge, there was this really pretty area that was now beautifully backlit by the sun. It was time to go back outside!

Joannie and I headed out with another of our lighting systems and Wes & Lindsey were right behind us. The resulting images are really pretty! Here’s one of them:

A pretty backlit wedding photo taken at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

The sun came out!!

The Historic Grand Staircase

Bride and groom kissing on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge.

Wes and Lindsey share a kiss on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge.

The wedding party joined us moments later and we were able to photograph them on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge that leads from the historic main lodge down to Gull Lake. If you would have told me earlier in the day that we would have been able to create that iconic photo (and not turn into ice cubes), I would have told you, “Not a chance!”

To tell you how much better the weather was from earlier in the day, at this point I was taking their wedding photographs in just my slacks, dress shirt, and a tie. I had started the day wearing my golf rain suit, with a coat underneath, and wearing gloves. Ya gotta love Minnesota’s weather!

A fun wedding photo of the wedding party on the Grand Staircase at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes, Lindsey, and the crew on the Grand Staircase.

Flowers and Candles (and Lots of Them)

The Gull Lake Center Grand Ballroom was truly breathtaking with candles and flowers, more candles and flowers, and more (you get the idea)! When you walked into the room, all you could say was wow!

The beautiful head table at a Grandview Lodge wedding in Nisswa, Minnesota.

Candles and flowers. Repeat (many, many more times)!

A terrific dinner was followed by cake cutting at the beautiful cake table. Then three wonderful toasts followed. The first, from Lindsey’s dad, Wayne, then the Matron of Honor (and our oldest daughter), Jen, and the Best Man, Rayme. Wes and Lindsey addressed their wedding guests after that.

The bride and groom cutting the cake at their wedding reception at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Wes and Lindsey’s official cake cutting. Yum!

Then it was time to party! Wes and Lindsey had their first dance, then Lindsey and her dad, followed by Wes and his mom. Live music was provided by the band with no name (they actually don’t have a name!), and the dance floor was hopping for the rest of the night!

Still More To Come

We should have one more post coming from Wes and Lindsey’s wedding. That one will be all about the light painted wedding photographs that we were able to create for them. While post-production hasn’t even started on either of them, I am confident that we nailed it during the photography part. Once they are ready, we’ll be sharing those as well.

A pretty light painted wedding photo of the cake topper with the couple's wedding rings.

A pretty light painting the cake topper with Wes and Lindsey’s wedding rings.

In the meantime, we have another fun highlight music video with “Part Two” of Wes and Lindsey’s destination wedding at Grandview Lodge. The link to it on our YouTube Channel is below. Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Wes and Lindsey’s Destination Wedding at Grandview Lodge” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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