Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Don and Kelley’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Today, we’d love to share some of the images from Don and Kelley’s beautiful backyard wedding from back on October 5th. Don and Kelley did a wonderful job of getting their backyard looking awesome for their wedding. Mother Nature even supplied a small lake!

The bride and groom in their beautiful backyard.

Our newlyweds in their pretty backyard.

Their wedding, like many weddings this year, had “a little” rain to deal with. By a little, we do mean a lot! It rained almost continually for a couple of days before, and on, their wedding day. In fact, Kelley called me that afternoon to tell me to come an hour later to when it was tentatively going to stop raining.

When I arrived, the rain had almost stopped. I unloaded and set up my lighting gear under the rear hatch of our Honda Oddessy to keep everything as dry as possible. Then I took each light stand, one at a time, to the tent that they had set up for the reception. Thankfully was only light sprinkling.

The First Look

After getting photographs of their pretty plantings and decorations, Kelley was ready to have her first look with Don upstairs in their home. It was a sweet moment as both of them were pretty excited to see each other.

I’m very happy to say that the rain had pretty much stopped by this time. We had a short time before their guests were to arrive, so I created some pretty bridal portraits of just the two of them and then some images with their wedding party. I selected a nice wooded area in their pretty backyard for the backdrop.

Here Comes The Sun

Then it was time for their beautiful backyard wedding ceremony. Pastor Brendon Fairley would marry them and Pastor Matthew Schurr provided the pretty music. Both pastors are from Bridgewood Community Church in Blaine, MN.

The bride and groom share their wedding vows during their beautiful backyard wedding.

The sun makes a cameo appearance during Don & Kelley’s vows!

Their ceremony was originally planned to be held out on their lawn, it was moved up to their beautiful deck because the ground was too soggy for chairs. I think it was just as pretty either way. It was a very nice ceremony, and just moments after it began, the sun actually came out! You’ll see some of the sunny images in their highlight music video below (and the image above).

After Pastor Fairley pronounced them husband and wife, we gathered everyone down to the backyard for a whole group photo. Then we created several family photographs right there in their pretty backyard with their new lake in the background!

The bride, groom, and all of their wedding guests at their beautiful backyard wedding.

Don, Kelley, and all of their wedding guests (note the “new” lake in the background)!

BBQ & Cake

It was getting dark out, so we headed inside the tent for some wonderful barbeque, and a pretty (and pretty tasty) cake from our friends at Dorothy Ann Bakery. What a fantastic start to their wedding celebration!

A pretty wedding photo of the bride and groom after their beautiful backyard wedding ceremony in Blaine, MN.

Don and Kelley sharing a kiss in their backyard just before the sunset.

I’ve put together a cute highlight music video with some of my favorite images from Don and Kelley’s beautiful backyard wedding. It can be found at the link below on our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading our post and have a great one!

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