Grandview Lodge Wedding Day

Wes and Lindsey’s Grandview Lodge Wedding Day

Joannie and I are very pleased to share some of the wonderful destination wedding photographs from Wes and Lindsey’s Grandview Lodge wedding day on Saturday, October 12th.

Light painted wedding photo of the bride's small details.

A pretty light painted wedding photo of some the Wes and Lindsey’s wedding decor.

Rain, Snow, and Wind. It Was Perfect!

This was a fantastic wedding day despite Mother Nature throwing just about everything she could at us. For an early October wedding, it was very cold outside. We also had rain, lots of snowflakes, and very strong winds most of the day. Then, after their cute wedding ceremony, the wind settled down (thankfully) and the sun even came out for a short time too! Ya gotta love Minnesota’s weather!

Light painted photo of Lindsey’s earrings, hairpiece, bouquet, along with both of their wedding rings.

Photographically though, it was perfect! All the rain and snow made the fall colors really pop! But the downside was the cold, wet, and windy day. Wes, Lindsey, and their wedding party were real troopers as we were outside many times throughout their wedding day.

A cool light painted wedding photo of the bride and groom's wedding rings in a white rose.

A pretty light painting of Wes and Lindsey’s wedding rings in a white rose.

First Looks

After Wes and Lindsey were dressed and ready, we witnessed a sweet first look with Lindsey’s dad, Wayne. That was followed by Wes’ fun first look too. Two wonderful moments that really got us off to a great start!

Then moments later, Joannie and I took our future newlyweds outside for bridal portraits under the covered porch that surrounded the cabin. That covered porch allowed us to keep them out of the falling snow and at the same time putting great fall colors in their background.

The bride and groom take cover from the snow under a porch roof during their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes and Lindsey under the porch roof.

Got Umbrellas?

Following that, things got just a bit more adventurous. We took Wes and Lindsey (under an umbrella) across the street for some incredible wedding photographs in some amazing fall colors. All brought to you courtesy of Mother Nature and her very wet Saturday.

Bride and groom in the pretty fall colors on their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes & Lindsey in the brilliant fall colors (and snow) at Grandview Lodge.

These are quite possibly some of the prettiest wedding photographs that Joannie and I have ever created. All due to having a really cute couple, an overcast day, and a wet forest. It was just stunning!

The bride and groom sharing a kiss under a stunning fall color display during their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes and Lindsey share a kiss under a stunning fall color display.

Then we walked down the street to the cabin where the ladies got ready. It was there that we captured some wonderful fall color wedding party photos (in the falling snow). We did our best to have everyone outside for short periods of time to keep them as warm and as dry as we could. The dry part was somewhat of a lost cause, but at least we tried.

Grandview Lodge wedding day photo of the bride and bridesmaids using their bouquets to keep the snow off of their hair.

Lindsey and the girls using their bouquets as umbrellas!

After fighting the elements, it was decided that the family portraits would be moved indoors across the street at the Gull Lake Center. The Gull Lake Center would also be the site of their stunning wedding reception coming up later that evening. That’s where we’ll pick it up in “Part Two” of Wes and Lindsey’s perfect wedding day.

The groom and his groomsmen pose in the falling snow during his Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes and the boys in the falling snow.

Light Painting Wedding Photography

Since Lindsey is our Godchild, Joannie and I were guests at their wedding as well as their wedding photographers. Heck, we even shared a cabin with Lindsey’s parents, Wayne and Sally! It made it all the more special to be “close to the action” all weekend long. So I decided that there might have to be a little extra in the light painted wedding photography department for this wedding.

Originally, I had planned on creating a light painting after the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Well, 35-degree temperatures and wind gusts of 40 miles-per-hour put a nix on that! So on their wedding day, I was looking for other light painting opportunities, and I found them too!

The bride, groom, and their entire wedding party out in the pretty fall colors (and the falling snow) during their Grandview Lodge wedding day.

Wes, Lindsey, and their entire wedding party out in the brilliant fall colors (and the falling snow)!

I managed to create four still life light paintings, three of them are featured in this post. Then Joannie & I photographed a really sweet one (pun intended) at the beautiful cake table with Wes and Lindsey in the photo. We photographed that one just a short time before their wedding ceremony!

Then, during their wedding dance, we took on a “biggie”! Light painting our newlyweds with the Gull Lake Center as the backdrop. I still can’t believe that the weather changed enough for us to create one outdoors. The full moon even peaked in and out of the snowy clouds from time-to-time! Very cool (pun also intended)!

Both of those light painted wedding photographs are still “under construction” and we’ll share them in the days to come once they are completed.

Destination Wedding Photography

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first batch of Wes and Lindsey’s Grandview Lodge wedding day photographs. We’ve got a cute highlight music video for you to enjoy at the link is below on our YouTube Channel. It has lots of fun (and pretty) wedding photos and a few video clips from the start of their destination wedding at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN.

Please stay tuned, because there’s lots more to come in the days ahead! Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Grandview Lodge Wedding Day” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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