Green Screen Sports Composite

Ben’s Golf Green Screen Sports Composite

A cool green screen sports composite of Ben golfing. This senior portrait has him on a tee box, up in the clouds on his follow through after hitting is driver.

Ben, hitting the driver off an “elevated” tee box!

Here’s the story behind Ben’s green screen sports composite. With all of The Santa Experience images we’ve been working on lately, I thought it was time to break out of the mold just a bit. I’ve been working this image off and on for the past several weeks whenever I had a few minutes. That has not been very often lately. I do think this turned out pretty darn cool!

Joannie and I had the pleasure of creating most of Ben’s senior portraits on our 2017 annual North Shore Weekend back in August. A few weeks after we got back in town, Ben stopped over with his golf clubs. We got to work and created some golf images in the studio on the green screen.

Creating Ben’s Green Screen Sports Composite

For Ben’s green screen sports composite, there are quite a few separate images that have been used to create the final image. It’s only fitting that the golf course I used in the background is at Superior National at Lutsen. Joannie and I played there on her birthday back in September. I had a camera along to get a few images of the new Canyon nine’s design, and the beautiful fall colors. By the way, the newly remodeled Canyon nine is wonderful to play and stunning to see!

There are a lot of little elements added to Ben’s green screen sports composite, just for fun. See if you can find a couple of birds and the broken irrigation pipe. The other finishing touches were the cool sky, and of course the tee box that Ben ripped right out of the ground. I’m pretty sure he out-drives dad, grandpa, and his uncles. Well, his uncle Todd for sure!

Hope you enjoyed Ben’s green screen sports composite and after Christmas and New Years, let’s hope the golf season returns to Minnesota fast! – M&J

“Green Screen Sports Composite” – © 2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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