Ben’s Lake Superior Senior Portraits

Ben’s Lake Superior Senior Portraits

This blog post has us heading back up north once again. It’s time to share the highlights of Ben’s Lake Superior senior portraits with you!

The Glensheen Mansion

Ben shared his North Shore senior portrait session with another high school senior, Sydney. A couple of days before we left for up north, Sydney’s mom asked me if we have ever taken any of our annual North Shore Portrait Weekend images at the Glensheen Mansion. Because the parking lot always looks so crowded when we drive by every year, I had never really considered it a possibility. So I gave them a call to find out if they would allow it.

Ben's Lake Superior senior portraits. Image was created at the historic Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, MN.

Not only do they allow it, but they’re really nice about it too! I got a year-long photography pass out of the deal! The only stipulations are, no photography inside the mansion, and because there were two weddings there that afternoon, we had to be finished by 1:00 pm. So we shifted both senior sessions to an earlier time and we started both Sydney’s and Ben’s Lake Superior senior portraits right there at the beautiful, historic mansion.

Ben and Sydney were our “opening act” for this years North Shore Portrait Weekend and they both got us off to a great start! Each of them brought their families along with them too. We would be creating both of their family portraits at our final destination, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, later in the day.

Ben also had two wardrobe designers with him to assist in selecting what he should wear. No, wait, those were his two sisters, Mady & Lindsey! Ben just did what he was told. 🙂

As we always do when we have dueling portrait seasons, Ben & Sydney simply alternated at each stop along the North Shore. It really works out very smoothly and allows us to capture two sessions without the double drive times.

Lester River

One of Ben's Lake Superior senior portraits. Image taken in hunting gear in the Lake Superior National Forest near Duluth, MN.

Hunting season can’t be too far away!

We departed from Glensheen Mansion and drove a just few miles north to Lester River Park. It was there that Ben got out his fishing and hunting gear for some real outdoor images that turned out pretty cool. It was quite an adventure watching Joannie & I get down to the bank of the river with our cameras and lighting gear. Ben’s dad, Craig, was a big help, especially getting it (and us) all back up to the top!

Ben's Lake Superior senior portraits taken while fishing on the Lester River in Duluth, MN.

Time to fish.

Two Harbors & Iona Beach

Our next stop was in Two Harbors for some urban images with some of the great old brick walls that are located there, just a stone’s throw from where the 3M Company got it’s beginning way back in 1902.

One of Ben's Lake Superior senior portraits taken by an old brick wall in Two Harbors, MN.

The Class of 2018.

Then it was back on the road once again for our next stop at Iona Beach, where Ben got in some more fishing and also got some rugged senior photos were taken along the cliffs and the rocky shoreline there.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

Our final destination was at Split Rock Lighthouse for Ben’s final senior portraits and for both his and Sydney’s whole family portraits too.

A nice Family portrait taken at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park on Lake Superior.

Group hug!

A big thank you to Ben & his family and also Sydney & her family (Sydney’s north shore senior portrait highlights are coming soon) for making the trip up north with us this year. We had a great afternoon with you guys and we really appreciated that you entrusted us with your senior and family portraits. Thank you so much! – M&J

“Ben’s Lake Superior Senior Portraits” – ©2017 Michael Anderson Photography.

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