Interstate State Park Engagement Portraits

Interstate State Park Engagement Portraits

Joannie and I are very pleased to share Wes and Lindsey’s Interstate State Park engagement portraits with you! This was a fun winter engagement photo session at an all-new location for us.

Winter Interstate State Park engagement portraits of a cute couple by one of the old stone buildings there.

A cute close up of Wes and Lindsey.

Without “spilling the beans”, I will say that Wes and Lindsey will be having their wedding in my favorite time of year and at one of my favorite wedding spots in all of Minnesota. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Got Snow?

Lindsey and Wes really wanted to have snowy engagement photos for their Save The Date announcement, but our Minnesota’s weather has been less than cooperative so far this winter. So I suggested that we try going to the Wild Mountain Ski Area for some snowy scenes.

Interstate State Park engagement portraits of a cute couple standing by one of the old stone buildings.

Wes and Lindsey by one of the stone buildings at Interstate State Park.

My thinking was that there might be snow on the trees from the snowmaking machines. Well, as soon as Joannie & I arrived there we knew that wasn’t going to work at all. Yes, there was lots of snow on the slopes, but not even a little bit on any of the trees.

Interstate State Park engagement portraits of a cute couple sitting on a blanket in the snow.

Wes keeping Lindsey all warm and toasty.

On to Plan B

On our drive towards Taylors Falls, MN, we noticed a nice area right on the St. Croix River with some cool-looking old stone buildings and at least a little snow on the ground in a few places. So we pulled into Interstate State Park to check it out. That’s when we knew that we would use this spot for at least some of their engagement photos.

Interstate State Park engagement portraits of a cute couple sharing a kiss in the snow.

Wes and Lindsey sharing a kiss on the snow.

After finding the snowless trees at Wild Mountain, we let Lindsey and Wes know that they should meet us at the park instead. It turned out, that we ended up creating all of Lindsey and Wes’ engagement photographs at Interstate State Park!

Bring Your Skates!

The trickiest part of this winter engagement session would be trying not to fall down! With all of the melting the past week or so, it was very icy almost everywhere! We found ourselves going really, really slow at times. I’m happy to say that not one of us fell down, but it was certainly tricky in many spots. We found that walking in the woods was the easiest way to get around safely. It was a little tricky with a light stand and a 4-foot softbox, but we managed.

Wintertime Interstate State Park engagement portraits of a really cute couple wrapped in a blanket.

Wes and Lindsey all wrapped up in a blanket.

As you can see, despite the slick conditions, Wes and Lindsey’s Interstate State Park engagement photos turned out pretty awesome! But, if we get any “real” snow at any time the rest of this winter, there might be a second “mini” engagement session to take advantage of it!

In the meantime, here’s a cute highlight music video that I’ve put together with some of my favorite Interstate State Park engagement portraits from their session. – M&J

Interstate State Park Engagement Portraits” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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