Golden Valley Country Club Light Painting

Golden Valley Country Club Light Painting

Last week, we shared the story of Alex and Alyssa’s wonderful wedding day. Today we’ve got their Golden Valley Country Club light painting for you to enjoy!

Photo of the bride and groom at Golden Valley Country Club before light painting the scene.

The set-up image with the newlyweds!

This was a fun light painting to create for them. It had the main elements that we look for to create an amazing light painting:

  1. A cool main subject. There is no doubt that Alex and Alyssa looked amazing!
  2. Something with textures and details. Golden Valley Country Club’s clubhouse certainly has all that!
  3. An interesting background or sky. The near-full moon and wispy clouds in the sky had that covered too!

The Moon Lit Sky

As I was scouting out the location to create their light painted wedding photo at Golden Valley Country Club, the area near the clubhouse really stood out to me. Between the architecture and the landscaping, the section of the building where the Pro Shop is located was golden. I loved the brick, the big window, the landscaping, and the roofline there. That was the spot!

Photo of Golden Valley Country Club at night.

The location for Alex & Alyssa’s light painting.

Of course, you never know what the sky is going to do after dark. Sometimes the sky is “boring” and I either crop it out or even change it in post-production. But this time Mother Nature pretty much nailed the sky for us. With the moon almost full, and the light cloud cover, the sky looked amazing!

Step, By Step

Once the dance was in full swing, Joannie and I got to work setting up the shot. Once we were ready, Alex and Alyssa joined us for a few minutes for their portrait, and then back to the dance they went! Then, we got to work light painting the whole scene.

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of a cute couple at Golden Valley Country Club.

A pretty light painted wedding photograph of a cute couple at Golden Valley Country Club.

The YouTube video below shows the photography process in creating this one-of-a-kind image for our newlyweds. In all, we took 128 images that evening and used 36 of those to create their one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph.

Thank you Alex and Alyssa for a great day spent with you and your families and friends. We had a blast and look forward to creating your wedding album with you when you’re ready! – M&J

“Golden Valley Country Club Light Painting” © 2021 Michael Anderson Photography.

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