JX Event Venue Reception

JX Event Venue Reception

Last week, we shared the beginning of Dillon and April’s wedding day at JX Event Venue in Stillwater, MN. Today, we’ve got “Part Two” and their stunning JX Event Venue reception highlights!

JX Event Venue wedding photo of the bride and groom in the pretty window light.

April and Dillon lookin’ great in the natural window light.

At the conclusion of their wedding ceremony, Joannie and I joined the wedding party, along with both sets of parents, for a ride in one of the Stillwater Trolleys! Originally, we were going to take our vehicle and follow the trolley, but with it being Memorial Day Weekend, I was afraid to give up our parking spot (and maybe not find another one anywhere nearby). April and Dillon told us to ride along with them and that worked out really well.

Gotta Get Me Some Sun Glasses!

It was pretty much a cloudless sky all day, so I grabbed one of our more powerful strobes on a light stand and carried it along to our stops. We had about an hour to run around Stillwater. Our first stop was right up the street at Pioneer Park. The park was kind of crowded, so we made it a fire drill! Everyone got off the trolley for a really quick wedding party photo, and then right back on the trolley!

Wedding party photo in Pioneer Park in Stillwater, MN.

The wedding party acting like a wedding party at Pioneer Park

The Stillwater Lift Bridge

It was so sunny that when we got to our next stop at the famous Stillwater Lift Bridge, it was almost impossible for the wedding party to look at the camera (heck, it was hard to look at them, it was so bright out!). So, rather than put them through that for very long, we had them go “freestyle” and do whatever they wanted. These guys and gals ran with it! Then, everyone hurried back on the trolley.

Wedding party photo looking towards Wisconsin at the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

Looking towards Wisconsin (and away from the blinding sun) at the Stillwater Lift Bridge.

Stillwater Scenic Overlook

Because we were so efficient, the trolley driver took us to a third spot. I’m not sure if the location has an official name. But it’s got a great view of the town and the St. Croix River Valley to the north. Once again, it was really sunny there, but it sure was pretty!

For our final wedding image there, we used the trolley as both a prop and as a sunblock too. The parents even got into the act by peaking out the trolley windows! Then we were off to celebrate at April and Dillon’s JX Event Venue wedding reception!

Wedding party and the parents at a trolley stop in beautiful Stillwater, MN.

The whole crew, parents too, at a trolley stop in Stillwater.

Talk About Stunning!

You know you’re hitting on all cylinders when the bride cries happy tears! Well, that’s just what Emily Tweed and her staff at the JX did for her! April was in tears at the room reveal. To April and Dillon, this is what just they dreamed of when they selected JX Event Venue!

Bride and groom enjoy their room reveal at their JX Event Venue reception.

The room couldn’t have been prettier!

Dinner was awesome, there were great speeches, a dessert bar, and then the dance got underway. After their first dances, the dance floor was open and it stayed pretty busy all night long!

The Rooftop

Emily had another surprise for us once the dance was underway. We were going up on the roof! While not the easiest rooftop to get to (you had to climb very steep and narrow stairs, kind of like a fire escape), but it was a very cool view from up there, especially at sunset. It was nice to be outside with some beautiful soft light.

The bride and groom up on the rooftop at JX Event Venue.

The bride and groom up on the rooftop at JX Event Venue.

There’s More!

You could easily have said that was a full wedding day! But there was more. The families had yet another surprise for April and Dillon. There’s some farming blood in their families and so it was time for a tractor ride! A toy tractor.

When we returned from the roof to the dance floor, April and Dillon were treated to a uniquely modified version of a dollar dance. They drove (actually peddled) the tractor and wedding guests put money in the “trailer”. All-in-all, it was a lot of fun and something we’d certainly never seen before!

Bride and groom riding a toy tractor pulling at toy carriage during their JX Event Venue wedding dance.

This is something you don’t see every day at a wedding dance!

Nope, Not Done Yet

Joannie and I had one more trick up our sleeves too! It was time to light paint! With 4 weddings in just 13 days (April and Dillon’s was the second one), I have not had a chance to get it completed, but I do think we created a pretty cool wedding light painting for April and Dillon. We’ll be sharing that as soon as it’s completed.

In the meantime, thank you for reading our post, and have a great day! M&J

“JX Event Venue Reception” © 2021 Michael Anderson Photography.

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