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Six day old newborn portraits of a little baby girl with pink fairy wings.

Six Day Old Newborn Portraits

The adorable six-day-old newborn portraits of Miss Veronica James! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful little Veronica James. She was in our photo studio for her six-day-old newborn portraits. What a little sweetie pie! Veronica brought along her mommy and her grandma for the show. This little lady is off to a pretty good

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Newborn baby photo session of an eight day old baby girl sleeping on her mothers wedding dress.

Newborn Baby Photo Session

The adorable newborn baby photo session of Kailyn Grace created yesterday when she was just eight days old! I’ve done lots and lots of newborn baby portraits through the years (my favorite portrait subject for sure), but this is the first time I’ve used moms wedding dress as a prop during the newborn baby photo

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Adorable baby girl in one of her four month old portraits.

Kylie’s Four Month Old Portraits

Beautiful little Kylie Ann was in our portrait studio last week for her four-month-old portraits! Kylie is truly an adorable and very strong four-month-old baby girl. She literally tried to push herself out of one of our sets more than once! Miss Kylie Ann brought mom, dad, and her grandma along to watch me create

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Eight week old baby portraits of a cute baby boy.

Ethan Andrew’s Baby Portraits

Baby portraits of little Ethan Andrew’s taken when he was just eight weeks old! With all the weddings we’ve had going on for the past few weeks, we’ve been unable to show off some of the other fun photography that we’ve been doing lately. So let’s take some time to talk about little Ethan Andrew. Though

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Beautiful newborn baby girl portraits of adorable little twelve day old Miss Hadley Rose

Newborn Baby Girl Portraits of Hadley Rose

Newborn baby girl portraits of adorable twelve-day-old Miss Hadley Rose! This tiny little angel was born on Easter Sunday! Miss Hadley Rose brought along her mom and dad to our Mounds View home portrait studio just last Thursday afternoon. We had a very nice visit to honor the occasion with her newborn baby pictures and some

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Newborn portrait collage of three week old Lainey Elise.

Miss Lainey’s Cute Newborn Baby Portrait Collage

Here’s a cute newborn baby portrait collage I’ve created for the adorable Lainey Elise! Earlier last week, Lainey was in our studio for her three-month-old baby portraits and while she was here her mom gave me a list of her favorite newborn photo selections for Lainey’s college. So just like her big sister Anna and also

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Newborn baby boy dressed as "Yoda" from Star Wars and sporting a light saber too!

Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits

Wyatt’s Newborn Baby Boy Portraits Here are some newborn photos of Wyatt James, another cute baby in the studio for his newborn baby boy portraits! Wyatt is a super cute eleven-day-old baby boy who likes Star Wars already! Yep, that’s the little guy sporting the “Yoda” look at less than two weeks old! He’s also using

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Newborn baby photos of a eleven day old boy cuddling with his mom.

Noah’s Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos of Noah at Just Eleven Days Old! A cute little story about Noah’s Newborn baby photos. It’s been “Baby Week” the last week or so here at the studio, first off with the very huggable eleven-day-old Lainey stopping by for her newborn baby pictures. Then 7-month-old Emma making a return visit to our studio for

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