Miss Lainey’s Cute Newborn Baby Portrait Collage

Here’s a cute newborn baby portrait collage I’ve created for the adorable Lainey Elise!

Newborn portrait collage of three week old Lainey Elise.

Miss Lainey in her cute newborn baby portrait collage.

Earlier last week, Lainey was in our studio for her three-month-old baby portraits and while she was here her mom gave me a list of her favorite newborn photo selections for Lainey’s college. So just like her big sister Anna and also her big brother Ryan, Lainey will now have a newborn baby photo collage in her bedroom too! Pretty cute!

While these are all really cute baby photos, my favorite newborn portrait is probably the close-up. The one of Lainey sleeping and wearing her cute “Lil Sis” bracelet! She was such a tiny little peanut “back then”.

“Miss Lainey’s Cute Newborn Baby Portrait Collage” – ©2015 Michael Anderon Photography.

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