Newborn Baby Girl Portraits of Hadley Rose

Newborn baby girl portraits of adorable twelve-day-old Miss Hadley Rose!

This tiny little angel was born on Easter Sunday! Miss Hadley Rose brought along her mom and dad to our Mounds View home portrait studio just last Thursday afternoon. We had a very nice visit to honor the occasion with her newborn baby pictures and some of the new family as well.

Joannie and I have the honor of photographing the wedding of Andrew & Sarah (mom & dad) coming up on August 1st at Grace Lutheran Church in Andover, MN! You can view their cute Save the Date card design right here.

Beautiful newborn baby girl portraits of adorable little twelve day old Miss Hadley Rose

Beautiful little twelve-day-old Miss Hadley Rose!

Typically with most newborns, they sleep through everything and Hadley Rose was no different as we tried and tried to get her to open her eyes for her solo newborn portraits. No such luck. She was totally content to take a nap on her soft, cute blanket wearing only a diaper and a headband under our nice warm radiant heater!

Family Portraits

But then when we were going to take some family portraits with mom and dad, she woke up! And she woke up hungry! So after a little pit stop with mom, she came back into the camera room ready to go with mom & dad. Well, sort of.

After not making a peep for any of her solo newborn portraits, she was fairly vocal for the family portraits. Time for a little more snack and a diaper change. Ah, much better!

So here’s our highlight music video featuring the newborn baby girl portraits of this little cutie. Also, her first official family portraits mixed in there too! I know you’re going to enjoy them because she’s so darn tiny and cute! Have a great Tuesday!

“Newborn Baby Girl Portraits of Hadley Rose” – © 2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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