Newborn Baby Photo Session

The adorable newborn baby photo session of Kailyn Grace created yesterday when she was just eight days old!

Newborn baby photo session of an eight day old baby girl sleeping on her mothers wedding dress.

Eight-day-old Kailyn Grace sleeping on her mother’s wedding dress.

I’ve done lots and lots of newborn baby portraits through the years (my favorite portrait subject for sure), but this is the first time I’ve used moms wedding dress as a prop during the newborn baby photo session. What a great newborn photo idea!

Mommy (Kelly) wore that wedding dress not too long ago on her beautiful wedding day at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and for her pretty East Union Lutheran Church wedding ceremony afterward.

Oh yeah, Joe was there too!

Their wedding was totally awesome with some of the prettiest Minnesota wedding photographs you’ll ever see. In Minnesota or any place else for that matter.

Newborn baby photo session of a baby girl sleeping on her mothers wedding dress.

Adorable little Kailyn Grace.

So yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and Joe’s beautiful new daughter Kailyn Grace. At eight days old and barely six pounds, she’s a tiny little bug, but is she ever cute!

Newborn baby photo session of an eight day old baby girl sleeping while holding her parents wedding rings.

Tiny little Kailyn Grace holding her parent’s wedding rings.

As I frequently do during a newborn baby photo session we slipped a few family photos in there as well as some of Kailyn with mommy alone and some with daddy alone too.

Besides being totally adorable, Kailyn Grace is a very mellow baby who likes to eat on a fairly regular time schedule, so we took our time with her and let her snack when she needed it. Hey, when you’re that little you gotta eat!

Newborn baby photo session of baby girls tiny feet with parent wedding rings.

Kailyn Grace is pretty tiny!

I’m pretty certain that you’ll enjoy the little highlight music video I’ve created from some of my favorite images taken during Kailyn’s newborn baby photo session. It’s a great way to get your weekend off to a fun start. Enjoy!

“Newborn Baby Photo Session” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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