Newborn Portraits of Lainey Elise

Here’s the highlights and adorable newborn portraits of Miss Lainey Elise!

Lainey, mom and grandma stopped by for Lainey’s first professional portraits and they are super cute!

Baby girl newborn portraits of three week old Lainey taken at the home studio of Michael Anderson Photography in Mounds View, MN.

Little Lainey at just three weeks old!

Miss Lainey is just three weeks old and such a real beautiful little girl with such a cute tiny face and features. She made this any “easy one” for her “Uncle Mike” with only one diaper change and no feedings during the whole session! She did seem to enjoy the cozy warm space heater in the studio; it put her right to sleep!

I’m looking forward to her many portrait sessions in the years to come (she has to catch up with her big sis Anna and her big brother Ryan, who are regulars here)!

I love taking newborn portraits, each little baby is so unique and even at this early stage in life, you can get a glimpse into what their personalities might be down the road. I’m pretty sure that Miss Lainey will be a pretty easy going kid as she grows up. That’s my prediction, let’s see how it pans out!

Here’s the newborn portraits and a few little video clips of this little angel. I know you’ll enjoy them!

“Newborn Portraits of Lainey Elise” – © 2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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