Light Painted Ford Mustangs

Two Light Painted Ford Mustangs

In late September, I returned to Gregg’s Garage Vintage Restored Gas Station in Carver, Minnesota for a twin light painting treat! Scott and Deb’s pair of beautiful Ford Mustangs!

We got lucky and hooked a dry September evening to light paint. As always, Gregg’s station was an awesome location for the shoot. Scott and Deb placed their cars just the way they wanted them. Then we did a few test shots to make sure we liked the placement and the camera angle, and then I got to work. Scott was my trigger-man, and trigger away he did! We took over 800 exposures!

A 1968 and a 2014 Mustang at Gregg's Vintage Restored Gas Station in Carver, MN.

The pre-light painting set-up shot.

These two light painted Ford Mustangs was my first time light painting two cars in one scene. It was more than twice as much work even though there was only one background to light paint. It turned out that we were in for a full evening, but the final outcome was certainly worth it! I’m very proud of their completed light painting.

“The Legend” – A 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe Restomod

The 1968 Ford Mustang is pretty sweet! Here’s the “short-list” of it’s drivetrain upgrades:

  1. 351 Windsor 400 horsepower motor
  2. Edelbrock 800 Carburetor
  3. Performer RPM Heads
  4. Performer RPM Intake
  5. JBA Shorty Headers
  6. Custom-built chrome radiator
  7. Custom-built driveshaft
  8. 8″ Ford Trac-Loc rear-end
  9. TCI Automatic Overdrive Tranny
  10. TCI Torque Converter
  11. Magna Flow Dual Exhaust
  12. Dual Spal Electric Fans
  13. March Aluminum Serpentine Pulleys

Then, if that’s not enough, here are some of the upgrades to the rest of the car!

  1. Dakota Digital Dash
  2. Sony CD player with Infinity Speakers
  3. Custom Gas Cap & Gas Tank
  4. Strato Blue Paint
  5. Black & Grey Shadow Flame Paint Job
  6. 15″ Cragar S/S Rims with Spinners
  7. BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s
  8. All New Wiring
  9. Custom Trunk Carpeting
  10. Sub Frame Connectors
  11. All New Chrome Trim
  12. Custom Sewn Black/Grey Seats

There’s a regular whos-who of car experts that helped restore this beauty too!

  1. Gary Viken – the custom sewn seats (a wedding present).
  2. Jim Essington – the entire build of the car
  3. Brent Gabel – the stereo purchase and installation
  4. R&M Auto Body – Ron, Mike, Dutch, and Mike
  5. A&T Upholstery – Al and Tom
  6. AA Driveline – Nick
  7. Engine Factory – Christian
  8. Leroy’s Customs – Todd
  9. Muffler Doctor – Craig
  10. Mark VII Machine Inc. – Mark

Scott and Deb also thank the Lord for allowing them to do His ministry with this car. They are both very grateful to Scott’s grandfather and father for purchasing the car for Scott in 1982.

A pair of light painted Ford Mustangs, a 1968 and a 2014. Image created at Gregg's Vintage Restored Gas Station in Carver, MN.

A dual light painting of two Ford Mustangs!

There’s Even More To The Story

It had been a dream of Scott and Deb’s to drive The Mother Road, Route 66, for at least 10 years. But the more they thought about it logistically, the more worried they got about driving Route 66 in The Legend. They would have to stop very often for gas, park it outside, and it would get bugs squished all over it. There’s no power steering or brakes, and no climate control either. On top of all that, it is terrible to drive in the rain!

Don’t get them wrong, they love The Legend! After all, it was Scott’s very first car!

“The Legacy” – A 2014 Ford Mustang

They wanted a more modern vehicle for the trek and discussed it over several months. A Ford Mustang Convertible came to mind.

The criteria was Ruby Red, and they wanted to put Route 66 racing stripes on it for the trip. Deb wanted the car to have a red, white, and blue theme to it. So they combined their ideas and did a white and blue stripe with the Route 66 Logo. They updated it with American Racing chrome rims and did a custom exhaust. Then they added a cold air intake, and many more chrome accessories under the hood and in the interior.

Their dream became a reality! They did the first half of Route 66 over a 10-day period in September and October of 2018 along with their friends Robert and Cheryl. The four of them made hundreds of great memories as they traveled from Minnesota to Illinois, and then down to the Texas border.

The plan is to complete the second half of Route 66 in September and October of 2020 with Robert and Cheryl. They also have plans for many more great trips in The Legacy.

A pair of light painted Ford Mustangs, a 1968 and a 2014, along with their owners. Image created at Gregg's Vintage Restored Gas Station in Carver, MN.

Scott, Deb, and a pair of pretty cool Ford Mustangs!

There’s A Movie

As I love to do for all of my major light paintings, I’ve created a short movie with many of the images that went into these two light painted Ford Mustangs. The link is below on our YouTube Channel. It’s only a little more than a minute long, so please check it out!

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

“Light Painted Ford Mustangs” – © Michael Anderson Photography.

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