Birthday Celebration Photos

Birthday Celebration Photos

This will put a smile on your face. We’ve got Miss Lydia’s birthday celebration photos for you to enjoy! This little sweetie dropped by with her grandma Lori, who incidentally shares the same birthday, not once, but twice for her one-year-old portraits!

An adorable one-year-old girl sitting on a tiny bed.

The little angel.

Yes, a week earlier Lydia didn’t feel like having her birthday celebration photographs taken, at least not with a cake. She had gotten up kind of early that morning and apparently was not feeling up to having cake for brunch. We did get some adorable photos of her that morning, but no cake photos (other than one of her crying).

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Again

So, last Saturday morning, grandma Lori and Lydia returned for more birthday celebration pictures, complete with birthday cake and balloons once again. Miss Lydia had slept in that morning and was ready to rock and roll. Sort of.

Lydia fought off tears when she greeted me at the door. So I suggested to grandma Lori that we take it very slowly and warm her up first before going into the camera room. I brought out a nice selection of toys, and we let her play before we even walked into the studio. Heck, we even brought the toys on the set with us, just in case.

Cake, Take Two

In between session one and session two, Lori found another adorable outfit for Miss Lydia to wear. So we gave that one a try first. While Lydia wasn’t super-smiley, we did capture some really cute images. Grandma decided not to push her luck and we prepared for the “Cake II” photos.

A sweet one-year-old girl wearing bib overalls.

The little sweetie pie.

This time was much better! It started out slow, but once Lydia got a taste of the cake, which grandma had tried to do the week before, she was all in! When we were all done, we had several cute cake photos and a cute messy baby! Just the way it’s supposed to go down!

Birthday celebration photos of a little girl eating birthday cake.


We have many of Lydia’s birthday celebration photos and some cute video clips in the music video below. We know you’ll enjoy it. Thank you for reading our post and we hope you have a good one! – M&J

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