Vadnais Heights Commons Wedding Photos

Vadnais Heights Commons Wedding Photos

On July 20th, Joannie and I had the privilege of creating Mark and Jenna’s Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos. This turned out to be a wonderful wedding day despite the day starting out with very stormy weather.

Because of the weather conditions, Mark and Jenna made the call the night before to move their wedding ceremony indoors at Vadnais Heights Commons. By their actual ceremony time it had turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, but all of the heavy rain earlier in the day made the grassy area very wet and soggy. It turned out that they made a good call.

Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos of a set of grandparents and their grandchildren.

Grandma, grandpa, and their cute grandkids!

It’s All About Family

Joannie and I started their wedding photographs earlier in the day at Jenna’s parents home in New Brighton, MN. The entire wedding party got ready there. That was followed with Mark and Jenna having their first look very nearby at Long Lake Regional Park.

Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos of the bride and groom's Sand Ceremony.

Mark and Jenna’s Sand Ceremony.

After leaving Long Lake Regional Park, we all headed to the site of their wedding ceremony, reception, and dance in Vadnais Heights, MN. Upon arrival, we got to work right away creating Mark and Jenna’s Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photographs of their immediate and extended families before the ceremony.

Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos of a bride jumping off the ground in excitement.

Jenna jumps for joy at their Grand March.

One thing is for sure. Mark and Jenna have BIG extended families! Joannie and I were able to get them all photographed just in time before wedding guests began arriving for the ceremony.

Wedding photo of the cupcake bar.

The cupcakes prior to light painting.

Light painted wedding photo of the cupcake bar.

Light painted version of Mark and Jenna’s cupcakes.

Let’s Play Hockey!

Mark and Jenna met while playing in a hockey league together. Mark and Jenna included hockey gear in several of their engagement photographs that we created back in October. Many of those fun images were on display and many of their wedding decorations were hockey-themed as well. During their wedding ceremony, Pastor Greg Grimstad made more than a little mention about hockey during his homily.

Upon the conclusion, Mark and Jenna were Minnesota’s newest newlyweds!

Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos of a cute couple cutting their wedding cake.

Mark & Jenna cutting their cute wedding cake.


Since they are currently on their honeymoon in Hawaii, Joannie and I would like to say mahalo to Mark and Jenna for asking us to be a part of their very special day. It has been so fun to get to know you guys and we’re so excited that we can now count you two among our friends.

Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photos of a cute couple kissing at sunset.

A pretty image of Mark and Jenna kissing at sunset.

More To Come

We hope that you’ve enjoyed Mark and Jenna’s pretty Vadnais Heights Commons wedding photography. We’ve created another cute highlight music video with many of our favorite images from their wonderful wedding day. Please click on the link below to check it out.

Still to come is their one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph that we created with Mark and Jenna, along with about a million mosquitoes. We’ll share that special wedding photo in a few days once it’s completed. In the meantime thank you for reading our post and have a good one! – M&J

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