Vadnais Heights Commons Light Painting

Vadnais Heights Commons Light Painting

We have Mark and Jenna’s Vadnais Heights Commons light painting all finished up and it turned out pretty darn awesome! It was our final image of the evening and it closed out a fantastic day of wedding photography.

A daytime photograph of Vadnais Heights Commons.

Vadnais Heights Commons before sunset.

But This Happened First

Mark and Jenna’s wedding day began on a stormy morning at Jenna’s parents home in New Brighton, MN. Thankfully, by the time everyone was ready for the day it had not only stopped raining, but it was getting pretty nice outside.

The weatherman had predicted that wasn’t supposed to stop raining until that evening. So it was a pleasant surprise that they were wrong. The forecast being wrong wasn’t a surprise at all, that it was in Mark and Jenna’s favor that was the surprise part.

The bride and groom pose for their Vadnais Heights Commons light painting.

Mark, Jenna, and a bazillion mosquitoes!

That turn in the weather allowed us to right head next door to Long Lake Regional Park for Mark and Jenna’s first look. We also created lots of great wedding party photographs there as well. Then we all headed over to Vadnais Heights Commons for family photographs, the wedding ceremony, a fun reception, and their dance.

Vadnais Heights Commons Light Painted Wedding Photograph

Since the weather turned out better than was predicted by the weatherman, I set out to select an outdoor spot for Mark and Jenna’s light painting. They told us that they wanted the building to be part of the image. And so after looking over all of the angles, I decided to use the front entryway as the backdrop.

A stunning Vadnais Heights Commons light painting with the bride and groom.

Mark and Jenna’s light painted wedding photograph.

I was concerned that we might get too many wedding guests in that spot, but it turned out not to be a big deal. The big deal was all of the mosquitoes! Yep, they hammered us pretty good, but we got the image!

How Do They Do That?

I’ve put together a one-minute video with some of the steps involved in creating Mark and Jenna’s light painted wedding photograph at Vadnais Heights Commons. It’s on our YouTube Channel, but you can just click on the link below. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel to see what we’re up to throughout the year.

A big thank you to Mark and Jenna for asking us to be part of their wedding day. We’re so excited for you guys and the life you’ll be now be sharing together as husband and wife. Your wedding album should be something pretty special too, and we look forward to working on it with you when you’re ready. – M&J

“Vadnais Heights Commons Light Painting” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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