Centennial Lakes Wedding

Centennial Lakes Wedding

In this post, we’re sharing some of Kevin and Carolina’s pretty Centennial Lakes wedding photography. Kevin and Carolina were married on a perfect July Saturday here in Minnesota! After starting their day at the Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington Hotel, we headed to nearby Centennial Lakes. It was there that we would create lots of great wedding photographs with our future newlyweds.

A pretty Centennial Lakes wedding photograph of the bride and groom.

Kevin and Carolina at Centennial Lakes.

At the Hilton, Joannie and I captured Carolina’s first look with her father (with mom and her aunt watching). Then moments later, Kevin had his turn to see his pretty bride-to-be. Both of these moments were pretty special and we’ve included them in our highlight music video at the bottom of the post.

Centennial Lakes wedding photos

After their first look, Joannie and I created some really nice window light wedding photos of Kevin and Carolina, both individually and together. Since it was nearly perfect outside on July 27th, the plan was to move over to Centennial Lakes for the rest of their wedding photography as well as their wedding ceremony to be held right there at the Maetzold Amphitheater.

A fun Centennial Lakes wedding photo of the bride and the groomsmen.

Carolina and “The Boys”!

We packed up and headed over to the park to set up “Lightning McQueen” for their pretty formal wedding photographs. It was kind of cute that Carolina was excited when she heard that we had brought Lightning McQueen along! Kevin and Carolina met Lightning McQueen a few weeks earlier during their pretty engagement photos at the University of Minnesota. That custom-built golf cart that totes our lighting gear around really helps us make better images for our clients.

A fun Centennial Lakes wedding photo of the groom and the bridesmaids.

A cute photo of Kevin and the ladies.

At the park, we created so many great wedding photographs that it was really difficult to decide how many to include in their music video. For that reason, I decided that I would make a separate blog post about their wedding reception at Cave Vin!

In addition to quite a few pretty wedding photos of Kevin and Carolina, we created many great family photos as well as lots of awesome wedding party photos too! The day was just perfect!

Centennial Lakes wedding photo of the bride and groom kissing.

Kevin, Carolina, and their wedding party having a little fun at Centennial Lakes.

The Maetzold Amphitheater Wedding Ceremony

After all of the family and wedding party photos, it was time for these two to get married! Their pretty Centennial Lakes wedding ceremony was presided over by one of their best friends, Jennie Huss. Jennie was the person who set them up in the first place!

Jennie is no stranger to Joannie and myself since we photographed her wedding to her husband John at the Urban Growler Brewing Company just last year! She did a really fantastic job of marrying Kevin and Carolina. It was hard to believe that she’d never done that before!

Centennial Lakes wedding ceremony at the Maetzold Amphitheater in Edina, MN.

Kevin and Carolina getting married at the Maetzold Amphitheater.

After Jennie pronouced Kevin and Carolina as husband and wife, it was time to celebrate! And that’s where we’ll pick it up in “Part Two” with their wedding reception, dinner, and dance at Cave Vin in Minneapolis, MN. In the meantime, please check out their cute music video below.

Thank you for reading our post and have a great one! – M&J

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