TPC Twin Cities Wedding Reception Photos

TPC Twin Cities Wedding Reception Photos

Pretty TPC Twin Cities Wedding Ceremony

A couple days ago we shared the beginning of Dan and Katie’s wedding day at the TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, MN. There were a lot of pretty wedding photos and great candid moments, all happening before their wedding ceremony.

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of the bride and groom at the clubhouse.

A great casual portrait of Dan & Katie at the TPC Twin Cities.

Well, now it’s time to share their wedding ceremony (and much more)! Because of the beautiful weather, Dan and Katie made the call the night before to move the ceremony outside. Good call!

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of the bride and groom's wedding rings on their hands.

Dan & Katie’s pretty wedding rings.

The ceremony was presided over by the one-and-only Tom Armstrong. Joannie and I have worked at several weddings with Tom throughout the years.

TPC Twin Cities wedding photographs of the bride and groom with Judge Tom Armstrong.

Dan and Katie with “the Judge”, Tom Armstrong.

Tom is a retired judge, a real nice guy, and you can tell that he loves what he does for his couples. He also told me he delivers pizza on-the-side. Since he’s a judge, I’m not going to question it. 😉

TPC Twin Cities wedding photographs of the ring bearers and flower girl with the bride and her dad in the background.

James, Chase, and Elena lead Katie and her dad towards her wedding ceremony.

It was a really sweet wedding ceremony on a truly wonderful day to be outdoors in Minnesota.

TPC Twin Cities wedding photographs of the vows during the outdoor wedding ceremony.

A “behind-the-scenes” photo of Dan and Katie with Judge Armstrong taken from long range with our super-telephoto lens.

At the conclusion, Dan and Katie sealed the deal with a kiss. They were now Minnesota’s newest newlyweds! Nice!

TPC Twin Cities Wedding Reception Photos

Right after the ceremony, there were two extended family photos that needed to be taken. One of them was certainly one of the larger family photos that we’ve photographed at a wedding in a long time! Once we had those photographed, Dan, Katie, and all those family members joined the social hour that was already in progress at the TPC Clubhouse.

Joannie captured the fun candid photo below as Dan and Katie were walking back toward the clubhouse.

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of the bride and groom kissing.

Sneaking’ a kiss!

During the social hour, Joannie and I set up for the dinner and dance, photographed the wedding decorations, and took some candid photos of guests enjoying themselves.

The Grand March and More

Next up, the Grand March. The wedding party was introduced and each couple entered the ballroom “freestyle” dancing. Dan and Katie followed, and were greeted by a pretty loud ovation!

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of the bride and groom entering the ballroom during their Grand March.

Dan and Katie’s Grand March entrance.

The Setting Sun

It’s always fun when there’s a nice sunset at a wedding. Sunsets at weddings (like any other day) are hit-or-miss. Some are truly stunning, some are just so-so, and many are not even visible due to overcast skies.

This time of year, when the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day, capturing one at a wedding can be challenging timing wise. On this Friday night, the sunset was happening during the latter part of dinner. Dan and Katie had finished eating and I had been watching the western sky to see if we had the potential for a pretty one.

While a few clouds would have made for a prettier sky, the sky was looking like it might be colorful. So we set up our lights out in front of clubhouse hoping that we’d have a winner. And we did. Dan & Katie even had a little fun with it too!

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of the groom lifting the bride at sunset.

Dan & Katie having a little fun at sunset.

We’ve put together a cute little music video with many of our favorite TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photographs from Dan & Katie’s wonderful day. We’re also almost done with another stunning light painted wedding photograph that we created with Dan and Katie under a starry sky. We’ll be sharing that with you very soon!

Dan and Katie, Joannie and I want to thank you for entrusting us to be your wedding photographers. We really loved spending your wedding day with you and we know that you’re awesome wedding photographs are going to bring you a lifetime of great memories of your wonderful wedding day! – M&J

TPC Twin Cities wedding reception photos of a bride and groom kissing in silhouette at sunset.

Dan & Katie’s pretty silhouette at sunset.

“TPC Twin Cities Wedding Reception Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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