Science Museum of Minnesota Wedding Photos

Science Museum of Minnesota Wedding Photos

John and Jennie were married on June 23rd at the Urban Growler Brewing Company located in the Midway area of St. Paul, MN. Their sweet wedding ceremony was followed by a really fun social hour at the Urban Growler. Joannie and I were able to take a lot of great candid wedding photos during their social hour.

The groom and his groomsmen showing off their cool socks at the Urban Growler in St. Paul, MN.

The wedding party at the Urban Growler with the boys sporting some cool socks!

Near the completion of that party, we headed off to create Science Museum of Minnesota wedding photos, the site of party #2. Their pretty wedding reception, dinner, and dance were held at the museum. We arrived a little bit earlier than everyone else so we could get set up and then photograph the room and the decor while it was still in pristine condition.

When John, Jennie, and their wedding party arrived, the marriage license was signed and then many of them went downstairs to race a dinosaur and TC Bear! That’s something that you don’t see at a wedding very often!

Science Museum of Minnesota wedding photo of the bride, groom, minister, Best Man, and Maid of Honor near the huge astronaut on display.

John and Jennie are “officially” married!

During dinner, I captured Science Museum of Minnesota wedding photographs of all of the speeches and toasts. I might add that each of the speeches was very well done, funny, and very entertaining too! Dinner and the cupcake bar were also really great, and the table of wedding guests that Joannie and I sat with were really nice people too.

Science Museum of Minnesota Wedding Pictures at Sunset

In addition to the cupcake bar, John and Jennie had a small cake to share for a cake cutting ceremony. I have to add that no one was hurt during the cake cutting even though two people were seen actually licking the knife after cutting the cake. I won’t mention their names, but they were dressed like a bride and a groom.

A pretty Science Museum of Minnesota wedding photo of the bride and groom on the rooftop with the Mississippi River in the background.

John and Jennie on the rooftop at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Right after the cake we even got a few pretty wedding photos shortly before sunset out on the rooftop at the science museum. Growing up as a “St. Paul boy”, I really love the views that include the Mounds Park Bluffs and the Mississippi River. In the soft light around sunset, it’s even prettier.

Dancing The Night Away!

Just a few moments later, John and Jennie had their first dance as husband and wife! Then Jennie danced with her dad, followed by John with his mom. From then on, the dance floor was packed all night long! A wonderful tribute to these two awesome people.

Science Museum of Minnesota wedding photo of the bride and groom racing a dinosaur!

John and Jennie racing a dinosaur at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

Another Wedding Photography Light Painting

In a few days, we’ll be sharing what is turning out to be a very unique light painted wedding photograph. Let’s just say that it’s kind of “out of this world” and leave it at that. We should have that ready soon. In the meantime, thank you for reading this post and have a great day! – M&J

“Science Museum of Minnesota Wedding Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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