Veronica’s Six Month Portraits

We’ve got some cute images to share with you from Veronica’s six-month portraits taken just a few days ago!

Six month portraits of a baby girl in a pretty dress.

“I couldn’t be happier!”

Here is a fun post about Veronica’s six-month portraits and some of her cute baby photos. This little cutie pie dropped by the studio with mom and grandma last Thursday and she just lit up the place!

It was our first day back after our wonderful Hawaiian vacation and Miss Veronica made the transition back a lot easier on her “Uncle Mike.” I wasn’t exactly looking forward to leaving “Paradise” to return to our cold winter weather, but having this little angel in the studio first thing helped ease the pain.

Speaking of angels, yes Veronica wore her angel wings for us too!

Six month portraits of a cute baby girl dressed in angels wings.

A little angel!

Miss Veronica is no stranger to our studio either. She’s already been here for her newborn portraits and her six-month portraits and she’ll be here once again with her cousins in just a couple weeks to have her Easter portraits taken with our real bunnies!

We’ll share one more of her cute six-month portraits with you before you enjoy her adorable music highlight video. Here’s Miss Veronica all dressed up in pearls. She loved playing with the pearls!

Six month portraits of a baby girl playing with strings of pearls.

“All dressed in pearls!”

Here are Veronica’s music video and the highlights of her six-month portraits. Enjoy and have a great Thursday!

“Veronica’s Six Month Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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