The Van Dusen Mansion Light Painted Wedding Photograph

The Van Dusen Mansion Light Painted Wedding Photograph

It’s time to share The Van Dusen Mansion light painted wedding photograph that we created of Linh and Dang. This is one of the coolest wedding photography light paintings we’ve created to date! And that’s saying a lot!

After Linh and Dang’s first dance concluded, our wedding coverage was officially completed. We told them that we were going to set-up for The Van Dusen Mansion light painted wedding photo that we had talked with them about before their wedding day.

The Van Dusen Mansion has many locations that would be great for light painting photography, but one of the best ones is this spot on the circle driveway. There’s so much outstanding architecture with this view of the mansion that I just had to go for it! A cool brick driveway, pretty archways, building blocks, spires, trees, flowers, it has it all!

The set-up shot, before light painting. The Van Dusen Mansion light painted wedding photograph.

Here’s the image that we started with. Linh and Dang in the circle driveway at The Van Dusen Mansion.

Can’t Touch This!

If there was one drawback, it was that where we had to set the tripod was in a moderately busy location. There was a lot of wedding guest foot traffic there. So we placed white wedding chairs around the tripod so that it was protected from getting bumped in the dark.

Rule #1 in light painting, NEVER touch the tripod once the shot is set up!

Once we had the tripod in place, all of our lights set-up, and a couple of test shots done, I went to get our newlyweds. Lihn and Dang only had to step away from their party for a few minutes. Once we had our image with them in the scene, it was back to their party for them. It was time to light paint the rest of the mansion for us!

Attention Getter

Most of the time when we create our light painting wedding photos, nobody is around to see what we’re doing. But because we were so close to the Carriage House, where the wedding dance was going strong, everyone could see that we were up to something. Taking 175 to 200 flash photographs at night can be somewhat of an attention getter.

While we were creating The Van Dusen Mansion light painted wedding picture, wedding guests, and even the event security team kept coming up to Joannie and asking what we were doing. I’m sure it looks weird that were taking night photos of an empty driveway at a wedding!

Since I was running around, many times out of sight, with a powerful flash unit lighting the scene, Joannie and had to handle the questions. She also had to make sure curious guests didn’t touch the tripod while trying to view the back of the camera. Then she also had to fire the camera with my iPhone when I moved from spot to spot. Maybe I have the easy part!

The good news was that there were no mosquitoes like we had when we created The Meadows at Mystic Lake wedding light painting for Shanyne and Lyndsey a couple of weeks earlier! Thank goodness!

The Van Dusen Mansion Light Painted Wedding Photograph

So here is the completed light painted wedding photo. Down below, there also is a link to a short YouTube video that shows some of the steps that went into creating this beautiful wedding photography light painting of Linh and Dang.

The Van Dusen Mansion light painted wedding photograph.

Linh and Dang’s finished light painting at The Van Dusen Mansion is amazing!

If you’d love to see more of this cute couples’ wedding highlights, here are the links to their Tea Ceremony photos, their pretty Church of Saint Columba wedding, and The Van Dusen Mansion wedding reception photos leading up to this light painting. I’m sure you’ll agree that this was one great wedding celebration! – M&J

“The Van Dusen Mansion Light Painted Wedding Photograph” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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