Caleb and Micah’s Lake Superior Senior Photos

Caleb and Micah’s Lake Superior Senior Photos

Our 23rd Annual “North Shore Weekend” has come to a close, and it’s time to share some of Caleb and Micah’s Lake Superior senior photos with you!

Caleb, Micah and their family joined us up north on Saturday afternoon. At the same time, we photographed Casey and Cassie’s engagement portraits on Lake Superior. As a group, we all made our way from Duluth, MN to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park near Beaver Bay, MN.

Lake Superior senior photos of twin boys, Caleb and Micah, at Split Rock Lighthouse.

A great photo of Caleb and Micah at Split Rock Lighthouse.

At the lighthouse, Caleb and Micah’s entire family (mom, dad, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, and dogs) joined us for family portraits with the famous lighthouse as the backdrop.

Caleb and Micah, and Casey and Cassie were our first sessions of the weekend. We’ll lead off with the boy’s senior photos, just because we happened to start off with them in Duluth.

We’ve already shared Chris and Sarah’s Lake Superior engagement photos with you. They got to go first because their wedding was less than two weeks after our “North Shore Weekend” concluded.

Lake Superior Senior Portraits

We met the boys and their dad (mom and sister were in the car with the dogs), as well as Casey and Cassie in Duluth, MN near the famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. At that point, we had just an occasional raindrop here and there. Within about 45 minutes or so, it was a steady light rain.

Lake Superior senior photos of Micah in a warehouse area of Duluth, MN.

Micah at one of the many great senior photo spots in Duluth.

In light rain, we created some of their Lake Superior senior portraits in the warehouse area right near the bridge. We alternated photos of Micah and Caleb, and also of Casey and Cassie in each location. The boy’s dad, Bruce, was holding items for the boys and an umbrella as needed (which it turned out was a lot). When started to rain much harder, we all went to our cars and headed towards photo stop number two at Lester River Park on our way out of Duluth.

Senior Portraits at Lester River Park

Our stop at Lester River Park was a wet adventure. I love photographing at Lester River Park and would have loved to do more there. But because of the wet conditions, it was not safe to try and negotiate the slippery rocks to get near the river. It was simply too dangerous (we did try). All-in-all, the photographs turned out pretty nice considering that we got rained on pretty good while there.

Lake Superior senior photos of Caleb at Lester River Park in Duluth, MN.

A nice portrait of Caleb at Lester River Park in Duluth, MN.

Senior Portraits in Two Harbors

Since we were in a three-car-caravan up the Lake Superior shoreline towards Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, everyone followed us from location to location. As we approached Two Harbors, MN it had pretty much stopped raining. So I detoured to a spot in town that’s nice for both senior portraits and engagement photos, right in downtown Two Harbors, MN.

Lake Superior senior photos of Micah in Two Harbors, MN.

Micah, once again in the light rain, in Two Harbors, MN.

Since it was getting obvious that we were going to be working in rain much of the day, I brought out the big gun. Our 80″ Westcott White Translucent Umbrella. At 80 inches, it’s the largest “golf” umbrella you’ve ever seen! We used this as “cover” the rest of the day. It’s really designed for blocking out the sun, not rain, but it worked very well for the latter.

Iona’s Beach Senior Portraits

We left Two Harbors (after a stop at the Dairy Queen), and headed to Iona’s Beach. Iona Beach is one of our favorite photography stops for Lake Superior senior photos. It’s not crowded, lots of parking, it’s beautiful, and in addition to awesome lake photos with a cliff, it has a beautiful grove of tall pine trees too!

Behind-the-scenes photo of a high school senior being photographed in the rain on Lake Superior.

Behind-the-scenes photo of Michael & Joannie “playing in the rain” at Iona Beach.

We photographed at Iona’s Beach (once again in the rain) as best we could with both boys and Cassie and Casey too. Our “jumbo-sized” umbrella came in quite handy (see above). Once we finished up there, we headed to our final photo stop at Split Rock Lighthouse.

Lake Superior senior photos of a senior boy, in the rain, at Iona's Beach.

Caleb, in the rain, at Iona’s Beach on Lake Superior.

Senior Portraits at Split Rock Lighthouse

Since we were going to create not just the boy’s senior portraits, but their family, and extended family portraits at Split Rock, we completed Casey and Cassie’s engagement portrait session so that they could head to their hotel back in Duluth, MN.

Lake Superior senior photos of a senior boy on the rocky shoreline.

Micah on the Lake Superior shoreline.

Split Rock was at it’s picturesque best, engulfed in fog. That’s the whole reason to build a lighthouse, isn’t it? At times you couldn’t even see the famous lighthouse! These were the best photographs of the day from an artistic standpoint. The fog just made everything look cool!

Lake Superior senior photos of boy holding his trumpet in the fog at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.

Caleb, with his trumpet, in the fog at Split Rock Lighthouse.

I’ve put together a fun music video with the highlights of Caleb and Micah’s Lake Superior senior photos. I think you’ll enjoy seeing two soggy photographers work their magic on the “North Shore”. Up next, in a few days, will be the highlights of Casey and Cassie’s engagement photos on Lake Superior.

Thank you for reading our (wet) story and have a great one! – M&J

“Caleb and Micah’s Lake Superior Senior Photos” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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