The Meadows at Mystic Lake Wedding Light Painting

The Meadows at Mystic Lake Wedding Light Painting

We’ve got another stunning wedding light painting completed! The Meadows at Mystic Lake wedding light painting is from Shayne and Lyndsey’s awesome July 14th wedding at Mystic Lake Casino!

This is the third installment of this fantastic wedding. We started you off in “Part One” with Shayne and Lyndsey’s first look, family and wedding party photos, and a lot of great B&W candid moments leading up to their wedding ceremony.

The groom kisses his bride-to-be on the forehead. Mystic Lake Casino wedding photos taken at the new Mystic Lake Center at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN.

A kiss.

In “Part Two”, we got going with their pretty wedding ceremony, some pretty “hot” wedding party photos outdoors in the July heat, the crazy Grand March, dinner, cake cutting, and the first dance.

Mystic Lake Casino wedding pictures of the bride and groom kissing on a bridge. Image taken at The Meadows at Mystic Lake Golf Course.

Shayne and Lyndsey share a kiss on a bridge at The Meadows at Mystic Lake Golf Course.

The World’s Only Light Painting Wedding Photographers

Joannie and I were “officially” done now once the dance was going. So now it was time for our super-specialty! Creating a one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph of Shayne and Lyndsey. It turns out that this one was not going to go down without its share of challenges.

The "before" image of The Meadows at Mystic Lake wedding light painting. Just me, the photographer, scouting out the spot prior to light painting.

That’s me! Scouting out the location before Shayne and Lyndsey arrived.

The best location, without asking to attempt light painting in a crowded casino (I’m guessing that they would say no), was outdoors near the water holes on the golf course. Earlier in the day, the statues of the wild horses are what drew me to the spot. I thought we could create The Meadows at Mystic Lake light painting wedding photograph using those horses in the setting.

That sounds simple enough, except that it was nighttime by water and long grass. Can anyone say mosquitoes?

Minnesota’s “Unofficial” State Bird

It was absolutely brutal out there! The “unofficial” Minnesota State Bird just swarmed us! You really had to stay in constant motion to have only a slight chance against those pesky buggers. Joannie really got it the worst, she was wearing her cute dress out there! About a bazillion of them got caught up in the layers of Lyndsey’s dress too!

The "before" image of Shayne and Lyndsey's The Meadows at Mystic Lake wedding light painting.

The “before” image of Shayne and Lyndsey’s wedding photography light painting.

Joannie and I got it all set up before Shayne, Lyndsay, and two of their groomsmen, Marshall and Tanner, arrived. Because of the rough terrain, we need helpers to hold our “kicker lights” on our newlyweds. Because of the mosquitoes, it turns out that Marshall and Tanner apparently drew the short straws!

The big lesson learned here is: pack bug spray with our wedding gear!

It was a battle, but I think it turned out better than I could have ever imagined! By the time we finished up, the waxing crescent moon and the planet Mercury were now low on the horizon. Pretty cool isn’t it?

There is a very short YouTube Video link below that shows some of the steps involved in creating this one-of-a-kind artwork. Short “how-to” videos of most of our other light paintings are there for you to check out too.

Shayne and Lyndsay's stunning Meadows at Mystic Lake wedding light painting! Photo includes a waxing crescent moon, and the planet Mercury low on the horizon.

Shayne and Lindsay’s stunning light painted wedding photo under a waxing crescent moon and the planet Mercury!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the story behind The Meadows at Mystic Lake light painted wedding photo that we’ve created for Shayne and Lyndsey. Thank you for reading our post and we hope you have a great one! – M&J

“The Meadows at Mystic Lake Wedding Light Painting” – © 2018 Michael Anderson Photography.

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