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The bride and groom pose for their fall color light painted wedding photograph.

Fall Color Light Painted Wedding Photograph

Fall Color Light Painted Wedding Photograph Joannie and are very happy to share Brandon and Amy’s pretty fall color light painted wedding photograph with you and some of the story behind it. This was not exactly a “normal” light painted wedding photograph, at least from a location standpoint. It was created in a parking lot, of

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A fun wedding party photo taken in front of a mural in Stillwater, MN.

Grand Banquet Hall Reception Photos

Grand Banquet Hall Reception Photos Last Friday, we shared “Part One” of Brandon and Amy’s wedding day that began at Guardian Angels Church in Oakdale, MN. Now, we’ve got many of their Grand Banquet Hall reception photos to show you. As we mentioned in our first post, this was not exactly a great day weather-wise, but

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Stillwater wedding photography of a wedding party by the Saint Croix River with the famous lift bridge in the background.

Stillwater Wedding Photography of Kenton & Samantha

The awesome Stillwater wedding photography of Kenton & Samantha at the beautiful Church of St. Michael in Stillwater, MN. Where do I begin to tell you about this fun and really awesome wedding story? As Minneapolis wedding photographers for nearly 29 years, we’ve been very blessed once again this year. We’ve had one great wedding story after another! Nice!

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Color infrared wedding photograph of a bride & groom at Church of St. Michael in Stillwater, MN.

Church of St. Michael Infrared Wedding Photograph

Church of St. Michael infrared wedding photograph was taken at the beautiful wedding of Kenton & Samantha in Stillwater, MN. I wanted to share this image right away because I think it’s kind of cool and I wanted to give Kenton & Samantha a little teaser image from their awesome wedding yesterday at the Church

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Camrose Hill Farm – Best Wedding Photographs of 2012!

Here’s more of our beautiful new studio wedding photography album featuring Camrose Hill Farm – Best Wedding Photographs of 2012! As we’ve mentioned before, as a husband and wife wedding photography team we have had the opportunity to create awesome wedding photographs in some truly wonderful locations through the years. But this hidden gem at

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Bride looking out a pretty window watching her guests arrive at Camrose Hill Farm in Stillwater, MN.

Camrose Hill Farm Wedding Photography

Kyle and Alissa’s Beautiful Camrose Hill Farm Wedding Photography! Beautiful Camrose Hill Farm wedding photography from Kyle and Alissa’s beautiful Camrose Hill Farm wedding in Stillwater, MN. Camrose Hill Farm is a really unique and beautiful setting for creating stunning wedding photos! As a husband and wife wedding photography team, Joannie and I have never seen any place quite like Camrose

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