Children’s Portrait of Isaiah – “I’m One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Well my little buddy turns one year old today! We’ve had the privilege of being Isaiah’s family photographer since, well, way before he arrived on the scene! Joannie and I were there as Tabitha and Nate’s wedding photographers at “The Blizzard Wedding” back on December 11th, 2010. You remember that day don’t you? The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome collapsed from the weight of all that snow on that wintery day.

So there’s Michael, Joannie, Tabitha, Nate and the whole wedding party OUTSIDE taking photographs in a blizzard right by the St. Croix River! We had every intention of taking the trolley to Stillwater to take wedding party photographs that day. The WAS the plan. I think if we had tried, those two wouldn’t have gotten married that day because they wouldn’t have found us or the trolley until the next day! Despite the snowy day, it really was a very pretty and fun wedding to attend if you could just get there. It’s certainly a wedding day we will never forget!

Well back to the story of the birthday Dude. I then I photographed Isaiah (sort of) when we did maternity portraits of Tabitha and Nate a short time before his arrival last March. The little dude made his appearance one year ago today and just 11 days later his newborn portraits were created right here in the studio!

Then we created some more portraits of the little man at three months old, a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior at six months old with mom, dad and grandma too! His nine month portraits were back in the studio where he surprised me with his Santa outfit!

That brings us to today. One year old! Congratulations my little buddy! I hope your party is wonderful and you have a great time tossing cake and frosting around just like you did a few days ago when I took these images of you for your first birthday!

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