Eighteen Month Portraits of Isaiah

Mr. Isaiah was in a few days ago to celebrate another milestone in his life with his eighteen month portraits!

This not-so-little dude has been coming here for his portraits literally since before he was born!

Maternity portrait of mom and her tummy.

Tabitha and the future little dude Isaiah.

Isaiah is as busy as you would expect a little boy to be at this age and he’s turning into quite a little character too. His personality is starting to show through and it’s really fun to watch.

Well, here’s some of my favorite images from his eighteen month portraits taken in our Mounds View, MN studio and outdoors in our very own Portrait Park (when we could catch him). I’m sure you’ll find them very cute, fun and entertaining too!

“Eighteen Month Portraits of Isaiah” – Images and video ©2013 Michael Anderson Photography.

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