Cute Little Bugger

Cute Little Bugger

Cute little bugger newborn baby girl with a sweet little smile.

Doesn’t get any cuter than this!

I had the pleasure of creating the newborn portraits of this really cute little bugger, Iris Kathryn, last week. While we were at it, we also snuck in a few of her first “official” family portraits too! What a cute family!

Family portrait with a cute little bugger newborn baby girl.

Iris’ first official family portrait and she slept right through it!

At less than two-weeks-old, sweet little Iris was as perfect-as-can-be the entire time she was here. Steve and Sarah, (mom and dad), fed her when they arrived and she pretty much slept the rest of the time. That’s exactly what I hope for with newborn photos. When they are sleeping, newborn babies are “poseable”, which makes creating cute newborn baby photos much easier.

Cute little bugger newborn sleeping on her side.

Nap time.

Iris likes to stretch and she demonstrated that with a couple of very cute stretching exercises during her newborn portrait session. This one I call “touchdown!” What a cute little bugger!

Cute little bugger baby girl signals touchdown!

Iris signals touchdown! Apparently, she’s already a big Vikings fan?

Since she was being such a perfect baby girl for her newborn photos, I had them slip off their wedding rings and we let Iris unknowingly “hung on” to them for a few minutes. Years down the road, the resulting newborn baby photos will help remind them just how tiny Iris was for her newborn baby portraits.

Mom & Dad

Sarah and Steve had a Minnesota Zoo wedding back in October 2017. Joannie and I had the honor of being their wedding photographers on what could easily be described as a less than stellar day, weather-wise. It pretty much rained (actually pouring many times) their whole wedding day.

Despite the crummy weather, we managed to get some really nice outdoor wedding party photos using a picnic shelter as a giant umbrella. Steve and Sarah also have one of the coolest light painted wedding photos we’ve created to date. The Minnesota Zoo’s main water fountain served as the backdrop, complete with pretty fall colors and cool looking stormy skies too.

Light Painting Wedding Photography. A stunning Minnesota Zoo light painting photograph created at the zoo's Central Plaza.

Steve and Sarah’s completed light painted wedding photograph.

I’d like to thank Steve and Sarah for the honor of being their daughter’s newborn photographer. I’ve created a cute YouTube music video with some of my favorite images of their cute little bugger along with a few short video clips mixed in there too. Please check it out, it’s pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face just like our closing image below!

Cute little bugger bay girl wearing a bunny hat.

Bunny hat fashion statement!

Thank you and have a great one! – M&J

“Cute Little Bugger” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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