Solar Arts Building Light Painting

Solar Arts Building Light Painting

We’ve got Casey and Cassie’s unique Solar Arts Building light painting ready to share with you. This one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photograph certainly is unusual as far as locations go.

After searching their reception site for a spot to create their light painting, my mind kept coming back to this location. It has everything that I look for to create an interesting light painting. Mainly, it has lots of details and textures that really can be highlighted by using this special method of photography.

Solar Arts Building interior photograph.

Interior photograph of the Solar Arts Building.

A Quick Recap

Last week, we shared the events leading up to and including Casey and Cassie’s pretty wedding ceremony at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Maple Grove, MN. What a pretty wedding!

Beautiful Savior wedding of the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony.

Pastor Tom Stoebig had Casey and Cassie look back at all of their wedding guests during the ceremony.

Then afterward, we all headed to their awesome wedding reception at the Solar Arts Building near downtown Minneapolis, MN. This is a fabulous location for a wedding celebration!

A nice portrait of the bride and groom at their Solar Arts Building reception.

A nice portrait of our newlyweds with one of the signature doors as their backdrop.

This was our first time at the Solar Arts Building and what we discovered immediately upon arriving was that this was a very busy part of town on a Saturday night! Between Casey and Cassie’s wedding and all of the activities at the Indeed Brewing Company downstairs, there were people, cars, bikes, and trains everywhere!

Light Painting 101

As with all light paintings, Casey and Cassie’s Solar Arts Building light painted wedding photo required a location with lots of details to bring out by light painting them. Also required was that the camera not be moved once we got started.

Photo of the bride and groom at the Solar Arts Building in Minneapolis prior to having the image light painted.

Casey and Cassie in their “set-up” image.

Because of all of the outdoor activities, inside was the best place to light paint on such a busy evening. I had my eyes on this location because of the cool wooden beam ceiling, the beer kegs, and the brick walls.

It turns out that, in addition to the elevator for wedding guests to come and go, it also was the corridor that leads to the bathrooms. It had to be one of the busiest light painting locations ever! Joannie did a wonderful job of keeping the tripod from getting bumped and taking the exposures at the same time.

If there was anything I wished that we could have added, it would have been a beverage in Casey & Cassie’s hands. Unfortunately, beverages were not allowed outside of their wedding reception upstairs, or outside of the bar downstairs. So we went with a little more of an attitude shot instead. The newlyweds nailed it!

Solar Arts Building light painting with a bride and groom in the photo.

Casey and Cassie’s cool light painted wedding photograph.

Putting it all Together

We’ve got a very short movie on our YouTube Channel showing the process for creating their Solar Arts Building light painted wedding photograph in less than a minute. It’s kind of fun to see the before become the after. Check it out and thank you for reading our post! – M&J

Solar Arts Building Light Painting” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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