Snow White Light Painting Photograph

Snow White Light Painting Photograph

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I’ve got another version of Gary’s 1977 Corvette light painting photograph to share with you. Quite a while ago, I shared the wet story behind Light Painting a 1977 Classic Corvette. Now, I’ve got a new light painting of a totally different angle of the car nick-named “Snow White”.

When I created the original light painted photo of the whole Corvette, I was about an hour into the light painting photo when it started to sprinkle. When I pulled up the weather radar I could see that moderate rain was going to be arriving very soon.

So I had to quickly abort the Corvette light painting and to get the camera, my light painting gear, laptop, and “Snow White” all out of the rain! It was only sprinkling then, but none of these items would do very well getting wet.

Snow White Light Painting Photo – Take Two

Thankfully, I was able to keep the car an extra day and give it a second go around the next night.

That evening was dry and perfect for light painting photography and I was able to light paint the whole Corvette as planned. Since I had Snow White all night long, I attempted two other light painting photos from totally different views of the 1977 Classic Corvette.

Here is the story behind light painting the entire Corvette, including a short video showing some of the steps that went into creating that 1977 Corvette light painting photograph.

1977 Classic Corvette Light Painting of the whole car.

A light painted photograph of a 1977 Classic White Corvette at Anderson’s Portraits Park in Mounds View, MN.

1977 Corvette Light Painting Photograph – Take Three

Since the light painted photograph of the entire car was completed well after midnight, I would have no starting images of this new angle. Afterall, it was pitch-black outside. And that was the tricky part. You really should have a starting image that has everything lit with available light. That way, if you miss something while light painting, you can at least put something there from the starting image.

As you can see in the pre-light painting photo below, it was pretty dark outside!

1977 Classic Corvette before light painting.

The starting image of “Snow White”, a 1977 Classic White Corvette prior to light painting it.

The were two other things to consider. To light paint the back of the car, I would have to move her to create a new light painting. That might not seem like a big deal until you hear what Snow White sounds like when she’s running. Let’s just say that she purrs more like a lion than a kitten. I had to hope the neighbors slept soundly!

The other concern was locking focus in the dark. Also making sure she was actually was in-focus before getting started on the new light painting. Once I had it all locked down, I was able to complete the 1977 Corvette light painting that you see below. It’s my favorite angle of Snow White because of all the detail and chrome.

1977 Classic Corvette light painting of the rear end of the car.

Light painted photograph of the back of “Snow White”.

Once I finished up with all three Corvette light painted photos, it was pretty early in the morning. So I put “Snow White” to sleep in our garage, then I packed everything up and got some sleep too. – M&J

1977 Corvette Light Painting Photograph” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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