Crowne Plaza Plymouth Wedding

The Crowne Plaza Plymouth Wedding of Jerry and Gladys

A classic bridal portrait created before their Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding ceremony.

A classic bridal portrait of Jerry and Gladys.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I had the honor of photographing the Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding of Jerry and Gladys. It was such a pretty wedding ceremony with close family and friends in attendance.

As we love to do at weddings, Jerry and Gladys had a first look. It was so cute! Jerry just couldn’t wait to see Gladys, who I hid right around the corner near their ceremony site at the hotel. After their first look, I spent some time with just the two of them in a few locations around the hotel.

A wide angle wedding photo of the bride and groom created in the atrium at the hotel. Photograph was taken before their Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding.

These two are just too cute!

Family Portraits

Some of the wedding party and family had started to arrive, and so I began getting photographs of some of the important groups in the lobby area. It was fun to watch all of the interaction between everyone, especially with Jerry and Gladys. You could easily see how proud they are of their family.

The bride and groom along with their adorable junior wedding party. Wedding photograph was taken at their Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding.

Jerry, Gladys and their adorable junior wedding party.

The Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony was very sweet and intimate with close friends and family providing the music and their close family friend, Douglas Schober, actually marrying them. My favorite moments from their wedding ceremony was from just watching Jerry. He just loved looking at Gladys and seeing her reactions the whole time. I could tell that he just adores her!

After the conclusion of their ceremony, I took the two of them outside for just a few minutes before it got dark out. They took a little stroll on the pathway with a couple of kisses snuck in there just for fun!

Bride and groom outside just moments after their Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding ceremony.

Jerry and Gladys taking a stroll outside on one of the last nice days of fall.

Once we were back indoors, everyone gathered for one big group photo on the staircase before dinner. A great way to document the celebration!

The bride, groom and all of their wedding guests moments after their Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding ceremony.

Jerry, Gladys and all of their wedding guests.

I just want to thank Jerry and Gladys for asking me to be a part of your wedding day. You guys are so cute together and I’m so happy that you’re together! Your Crowne Plaza Plymouth wedding highlight video is below. Thank you for reading our blog post and have a great holiday season!

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