Panola Valley Gardens Wedding

Beautiful Panola Valley Gardens Wedding Photographs

Panola Valley Gardens wedding photo of a bride & groom kissing in the beautiful gardens.

Dennis & JoAnn in one of the beautiful Panola Valley Gardens.

These two newlyweds were married last Friday in front of family and friends in a really wonderful wedding ceremony. All at one of the prettiest wedding venues you’ll ever see!

Joannie & I have been Minneapolis wedding photographers for more than 28 years and I can honestly say that I’ve never been to a prettier wedding! That’s saying a lot because as most of you know, we’ve been to more than one or two of them in our wedding careers!

There are two things that I still can’t believe about Dennis & JoAnn’s Panola Valley Gardens wedding and it has nothing to do with them. First of all, I can’t believe we’ve never been here before! The second is the fact that we’ve never even heard of this awesome wedding location either!

It’s definitely on our radar now! This blog post should help bring it some additional well deserved attention as well.

All About Family

Family and close friends were here to witness this pretty wedding, with a big emphasis on family. In fact, Dennis & JoAnn had their four wonderful grandchildren and a great-niece as their wedding escort coming down the aisle in front of them!

I had a lot of fun teasing the kids and teaching them all “the word of the day” which many of you know is almost always “boogers!” Kids just love that word.

Dennis and JoAnn’s music highlight video begins with their cute first look in a nice shady area at Panola Valley Gardens. That is followed by some nice traditional bridal portraits of just the two of them, then family portraits of both sides of the family and a combined family portrait too!

Dennis’ parents were there, and those two newlyweds have been married for 74 years! They even signed the marriage license. How cool is that?

Bride & groom exchange their vows in front of the gazebo during their Panola Valley Gardens wedding ceremony.

Dennis & JoAnn exchange their wedding vows at the Panola Valley Gardens gazebo.

You’ll Never Find A prettier Wedding Venue

As you can imagine in a place like Panola Valley Gardens, their wedding ceremony was very pretty. It was also very personal too. Two of the older grandchildren gave readings during the ceremony. The two younger ones presented flowers to their great-grandparents during the ceremony. The weather, just like the whole day was perfect. Partly cloudy with a light breeze to keep everyone comfortable on this perfect Friday in June.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone enjoyed a wonderful luncheon with awesome food and lots of fun for everyone!

I wanted to get a few more wedding photos of just Dennis & JoAnn, so once everyone said goodbye, I spent a little more time with these two to create some really pretty wedding images, including the one below taken at Mary’s Pond on this stunning property!

Beautiful photo of a bride and Groom at Mary's Pond at their Panola Valley Gardens wedding.

Dennis & JoAnn by Mary’s Pond at Panola Valley Gardens.

A big thank you to Dennis & JoAnn for placing your trust in me to capture your wedding day memories for you. Your beautiful Panola Valley Gardens wedding will be one that I’ll never forget. Thank you!

“Panola Valley Gardens Wedding” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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