Morgan’s One Year Baby Portraits

Pretty little Morgan Mae was in our portrait studio on her actual birthday to have her one-year baby portraits taken!

Cute one year baby portraits taken at Anderson's Portrait Park in Mounds View, MN.

It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Morgan was kind enough to share her birthday spotlight with her whole family too! Not only did we create Morgan’s one-year baby photos, we captured her family’s portraits and a few kid’s portraits with her big brother Easton too!

Kids portrait of a brother and sister taken while creating her one year baby portraits.

Morgan and her adoring brother Easton.

Miss Morgan is no stranger to her “Uncle Mike’s” portrait studio; she was here with her brother when she was a newborn and also this past spring with her brother for their Easter portraits with our real bunnies too!

We began Morgan’s one-year baby portraits outdoors on this beautiful July morning. We’ve got some very nice family portraits and some fun candid moments tossed in there along with several fun images with her adorable (and adoring) big brother Easton showing a little love to his baby sister!

Family portrait taken to celebrate their one year old baby's birthday on her actual birthday!

Morgan’s cute family!

It was a fun way to start Morgan’s one-year baby portraits, getting the whole family involved from the start. You can really tell that she loves her family, especially Easton, as they all could make her laugh and smile!

Got Cake?

Morgan’s one-year baby portraits concluded with a little stop indoors at our home portrait studio for a little icing on the cake, literally!

One year baby portraits of a cute little baby girl eating her birthday cake.

Got milk?

Yep, as we do for most of our kid’s for their one-year baby pictures, it was time to play with, (and eat) some cake! The party was complete with balloons too!

Morgan surprised her parents by not totally trashing the special birthday cake that mom and Easton made for her. In fact, she went pretty easy on it. So with a little assistance from mom, dad, and Easton, she eventually got pretty into it (in a messy and cute way).

I do know that if we would have let Easton at it, it would have been a pretty big mess. It was all dad could do to keep Easton out of Morgan’s cake photos (with limited success)! All the time Morgan was just as happy as she could be!

A big thank you to Nick and Amanda for bringing your adorable kid’s to see their “Uncle Mike” for their milestone portraits. Joannie & I are so glad we were your wedding photographers and now your friends!

“Morgan’s One Year Baby Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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