Michelle & Ben’s Wedding Slideshow

Here’s Michelle & Ben’s beautiful “Reflections” wedding slideshow!

With a tiny, but fun modification to the ending, this is exactly as it was shown last Saturday night at their A’BULAE wedding reception in downtown Saint Paul, MN!

Window light portrait of the bride & groom used in their wedding slide show at ABULAE in Saint Paul, MN.

Michelle & Ben at A’BULAE.

Michelle & Ben did an outstanding job with their storytelling and I incorporated their stories into the music soundtrack of their wedding slideshow. Well done guys!

Back In The “Olden” Days

We’ve been creating these “Reflections” wedding slideshows since our studio opened in 1986. We also create them for birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties as well.

In the “olden days”, these wedding slideshows actually really were slideshows! We originally created them using two real slide projectors and a dissolve unit. Now they’re completely done on our Mac laptop in HD quality complete with their voices in the music soundtrack along with pictures and video clips of their life story.

This is then shown as a surprise for families and guests on the big screen right before dinner at their reception complete with wedding day images at the conclusion!

Wedding slide show image of the wedding rings on the heal of the brides pretty shoe.

Michelle & Ben’s wedding rings on the heal of Michelle’s “sparkly” shoe!

In Michelle & Ben’s wedding slideshow, there’s even a video clip of their first kiss as husband and wife at the end of their “Reflections” presentation! All shown a short time after their ceremony at the start of dinner!

In the days of film (call me if you don’t know what that is), we used Polaroid slide film at weddings to get a few images to put in the slide trays of our client’s wedding slide shows. Quite often, I was processing the Polaroids while the show was running and dropping them in the slide trays just a moment or two before the slide would come up! Whew!

In the age of digital cameras, it’s much easier (but still somewhat challenging during the hustle and bustle of a wedding) to put wedding day images into a wedding slideshow before dinner.

Also back in the slide projector days, I always liked to put a cake cutting image in there for effect, as the guests would have just watched us cut the cake about 15 to 20 minutes before they actually got to see the image on the big screen! Fun!

So pull out a box of Kleenex and enjoy Michelle & Ben’s “Reflections” wedding slideshow!

“Michelle & Ben’s Wedding Slide Show” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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