Light Painting of New Brighton Engine 494

Light Painting of New Brighton Engine 494

I’ve got another cool light painted firetruck photograph project completed! This is the story behind the awesome light painting of New Brighton Engine 494.

The starting image before the light painting of New Brighton Engine 494.

New Brighton Engine 494 before the light painting began.

The Engine 494 is a 2016 Rosenbauer Engine. It is the second due truck for alarms and structure fires behind Aerial 498. Engine 494 is also the truck the City of New Brighton uses when they assist with neighboring fire departments.

On Monday, I shared the “dual” light painting of New Brighton Aerial 498. What made this awesome light painted firetruck photograph even more unique is that it also included Unit #3, a 1955 CJ-5 Jeep, and Landon, one of the firefighter’s son’s, all in the same light painting!

Light Painting Technical Director

This unique light painting of Engine 494 was photographed on the same night as was Aerial 498. On both light paintings, I was assisted by Deputy Chief Mike Schute. Mike’s new title is now “Light Painting Technical Director”. Well, The City of New Brighton probably won’t call him that, but that’s what I call him!

Mike’s been my “trigger man” for all three of my New Brighton Fire Department light painted firetruck projects. He did an “all-nighter” with me almost two years ago when I photographed the light painted New Brighton Fire Engine #5. And he was there for both light paintings on this evening as well.

Exactly like Joannie does when we light paint at our weddings, Mike’s firing of the camera for me makes it so much easier to light paint. Then I can just concentrate on moving the lighting for each exposure. Mike now has a pretty good feel as to what I’m looking for while I’m light painting firetrucks. Thank you for all of your help, Mike!

A really cool light painting of New Brighton Engine 494 done in the firehouse.

The light painting of Engine 494, a 2016 Rosenbauer Engine built of the City of New Brighton, MN.

One other thing that’s pretty important when light painting firetrucks, is that Mike also knows where all of the switches for the firetruck lights, and he’s able to drive these rigs for positioning. Although driving firetrucks would be fun (for me), I’m letting him do all of the driving.

Nice And Dry

Since it was cold and raining outside, the light painting of New Brighton Engine 494, and the light painting of Aerial 498 were both photographed inside the fire station. That’s ok with me, it was nice and warm and the station looks pretty cool as the backdrop.

Happy Birthday!

Today is our little Ryder’s 2nd Birthday! And since Ryder absolutely loves firetrucks, grandpa has added my little dude to the photo of Engine 494 (with a little help from green-screen in the studio). Happy Birthday, Ryder!

Light painting of New Brighton Engine 494 done in the firehouse with a two-year-old boy and two toy Dalmatian puppies!

The Birthday Boy! Two-year-old Ryder and 2 toy Dalmatian puppies!

As I always like to do when I create any one-of-a-kind light painted photograph, I’ve got a short video about the steps that went into the light painting of New Brighton Engine 494. It’s on our YouTube channel. Even though it’s only about a minute long, it contains the final images I used in creating Engine 494’s light painting. Please check it out below, and thank you for reading our post. – M&J

Light Painting of New Brighton Engine 494” – © 2019 Michael Anderson Photography.

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