Nine Month Old Photos

The adorable nine-month-old photos of Miss Veronica James!

This little cutie pie dropped by with her mom and grandma last Friday morning for her nine-month-old photos.

Miss Veronica is no stranger to our studio as she’s been here for her newborn portraits, her beautiful six-month portraits and once again with all of her cousin’s for their Easter portraits with real bunnies too! If it’s even possible, I think she’s getting cuter and cuter by the day!

Nine month old photos of an adorable little girl dressed in a cute lacy dress.

The “little cupcake!”

We began Veronica’s portrait session with an adorable lace dress that mom dubbed as “the cupcake”. It kind of did make her look like a cute little cupcake! Way too cute.

We tried to get Veronica to stand up by our little white bench so we could see her whole outfit. She wanted to do her own thing so we went with sitting down first. Eventually, we got her to stand next to our white kids sized lounger with mom very close by as Veronica’s “spotter”.

Outfit Number Two

For her second outfit, we gave our cute white wooden rocking horse a try, but Veronica wasn’t going to hold on (safety first) so we used it in her background as she played with her favorite Fisher Price Radio music box.

Then we moved on to “fairyland” and a cute little outfit that most of Veronica’s cousins have also worn for their nine-month-old photos. As you can see, this little fairy is just adorable!

Nine month old photos of an adorable little girl wearing a fairy costume.

The little fairy princess!

I’ve been testing out some green screen techniques that I was taught last month at an awesome photography class. So at the very end of Veronica’s session, I took a few images of our tired little fairy to play around with later on. Here’s what I’ve created, although I might tweak it later on if I can come up with the right new background elements.

Photo collage created from nine month old photos of a little fairy princess!

Photo collage of our little fairy!

I’ve put together a highlight music video with some of my favorite images from Veronica’s nine-month-old photos. I hope you get a kick out of them and it makes your Thursday just a little bit brighter. Enjoy and have a great day!

“Nine Month Old Photos” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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