Kid’s Portraits with the Bunnies! – Miss Averie

Miss Averie stopped by the studio today for her Easter portraits with our cute little bunnies! She didn’t come alone, she brought her security team of mom and Auntie Jordan too! From the moment she arrived she was checking everything out. You could just tell the “wheels were turning” as she made sure everything was ok! She didn’t mind changing into her adorable Easter outfit as long as it didn’t take too long. Talk about a cute dress! All frilly and complete with an Easter Egg on the front too!

When I brought the bunnies over to her she was very serious about making sure these two furry ones got some attention. Averie was very gentle and pretty serious about it too! She was very agreeable in that we should go have her picture taken with them and so we headed into the camera room to do just that.

The thing I love most about the bunny sessions every year is how each child acts around and with the bunnies. I see everything from serious, totally out of control happy, scared, cautious, amazed and just about anything else you can imagine. Totally unrehearsed.

Normally, the honor of naming the bunnies each year goes to the first bunny session of the year, but since Averie done’t speak yet, the bunnies are still unnamed! That should change by tomorrow with many older kids on the way to visit.

Well, here’s the images from Averie’s bunny session for 2013. I hope you enjoy this little cutie pie and her bunny encounter!

Images and video ©2013 Michael Anderson Photography.

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