Senior Photos at Bunker Hills

Senior Photos at Bunker Hills

Here are some of our favs from Megan’s senior photos at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, Minnesota. Megan is a 2024 senior at Blaine High School.

I met up with Megan, along with her mom and dad, at Bunker Hills Regional Park on what might have been the last warm Thursday afternoon of 2023. We had originally planned on creating her senior portraits the week before. However, fall colors were one of the things that she wanted most in her senior pics, and the colors were just so-so at that time. So we took a chance and backed it up a week. That turned out to be a good call!

A fun senior photo of a girl up in a huge oak tree.

Megan loves this huge oak tree! And I can see why, it’s got a lot of character!

The fall colors were definitely at their peak and I do think we took full advantage! Megan’s images are really gorgeous senior photos! Other than a few pesky light rain showers here and there, it was a perfect afternoon!

High School Senior Portraits on Location

This wasn’t my first time photographing a senior at Bunker Hills. I created some really cool senior images for Parker a couple of years ago right on the Bunker Hills Golf Course. However, this was the first time doing so in the park proper. Bunker Hills Regional Park is very large! While creating Megan’s senior session we only covered a tiny portion of the park, and we walked quite a ways that afternoon!

Lightning McQueen Was In Action Once Again!

As mentioned, we caught Mother Nature at her best, fall color-wise. At the very start of her session, we also were lucky to get some really beautiful natural light to boot! It didn’t stay around for very long, but it was really nice to have it. Here’s one of those images. Just fabulous light (and colors) from Mother Nature right here!

Pretty fall color senior photos at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, Minnesota.

Incredible natural light right at the start of Megan’s session! It didn’t last long, but it was great while we had it!

Most of the rest of the time, I employed my self-built lighting cart to get the light that I needed to help make Megan’s senior portraits look fantastic. And, as usual, Lightning McQueen didn’t disappoint in that department! I didn’t know it at the time, but Megan’s Mom was taking some fun behind-the-scenes photos and was nice enough to share them with me afterward. Thanks!

Behind-the-scenes photo of a senior photographer enlisting the senior's dad to hold the light during her session.

Megan’s mom took this candid photo and caught us in the act! Because of the terrain, Dad is holding the light column from Lightning McQueen.

For those of you that don’t know. Lightning McQueen is the name I’ve given to a custom-built lighting cart that I designed and built from a portable golf cart. I’ve been using Lightning for many years now, and it’s one of the best tools in my lighting arsenal! We have a dedicated page about Lightning McQueen on this page on our website.

Very pretty fall color senior portrait created at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, Minnesota.

Here’s the image that Megan’s Dad assisted on. “Lightning McQueen” did the heavy lifting light-wise on this image.

At the conclusion of her session, it was getting fairly dark (you’ll see those images in the music video below), which would usually mean the session was done. But those final images turned out great thanks to the fact that I had Lightning McQueen with me!

Behind-the-scenes photo of a senior photographer laying on the boardwalk during a senior's photo session. His portable lighting cart, called Lightning McQueen, is seen in the image.

Megan’s mom took this behind-the-scenes photo of Megan and me creating the following senior photograph.

A beautiful fall color senior photo created on the boardwalk at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, Minnesota.

Here’s the pretty image that Megan and I were creating while Mom captured her candid photo.

Megan – The Class of 2024 at Blaine High School

As I love to do when I post a story about one of my high school senior photo sessions, I’ve created a music video with some of my favorite images (and there are a lot of them!) from Megan’s senior session. You’ll find it at the link below. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our post and have a great weekend! – M&J

“Senior Photos at Bunker Hills” © 2023 Michael Anderson Photography.

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