Three Week Old Newborn Photos

Lydia’s Three-Week-Old Newborn Photos

I recently had the privilege of creating Lydia’s three-week-old newborn photos at our Mounds View portrait studio. Mom and dad (Melissa and Derick), and grandma were also here to witness this little cuties’ first professional photos. Grandma supplied the cute outfits for the newborn photo shoot.

Sweet little Lydia was born on grandma Lori’s birthday! As a guy who also shared a birthday with my grandpa, I think that’s pretty cool! Both of them will have something very special to share each and every year.

Three week old newborn photos of little Lydia along with her big sister Kylie and cousin Kenzie.

Big sister, Kylie, and her eight-year-old cousin Kenzie admire little Lydia.

Joannie and I photographed both grandma’s (Lori and Ed) and Melissa and Derick’s weddings! It’s pretty cool to be their family photographers. Joannie and I even had dinner in Oahu, Hawaii with Ed and Lori while we were all there, purely by coincidence, three years ago on our anniversary.

Photos of Three Cute Cousins

Miss Lydia also brought her big sister, three-year-old Kylie, and her eight-year-old cousin Kenzie, along to her newborn portrait session too. The goal was to have photos with her sister and her cousin and of course some newborn portraits of Lydia all by herself. We also snuck some solo photos of Kylie and Kenzie in there during Lydia’s feedings.

Kylie is a typical three-year-old, she’s got too many things to do to sit still for very long. So, as I always do with little kids, I improvise! I just keep acting silly and give her stuff to do to keep it fresh and to keep her engaged. I’d say it worked pretty well too.

The toughest part is doing all of that is when there’s also a fragile newborn in the photograph. The security quartet of Kenzie, mom, dad, and grandma did a great job of keeping Kylie in the photo while at the same time making sure that Lydia was safe and sound. Nice work team!

Three week old newborn photos of Kylie, Kenzie and adorable, sleeping Lydia.

Kylie, Kenzie and adorable, sleeping, Lydia.

Several photos of the three of them turned out so sweet, even wearing different outfits! I really love the images of the older girls looking it tiny little Lydia. So cute!

I’ve created a cute highlight music video with many of my favorites from Lydia’s three-week-old newborn pictures. It’s pretty cute, thanks for watching! –M&J

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