Kylie’s One Year Portraits

Here are some of my favorite images from Kylie’s one-year portraits taken right before her first birthday party!

Kylie's one year portraits in a cute mint green outfit and standing up while holding onto a small wooden bench.

Almost ready to walk!

A fun little story about how Kylie’s one-year portraits got set up in the first place. While Joannie & I were in Oahu, Hawaii for our 30th-anniversary celebration last month, I noticed on Facebook that Kylie’s grandma and grandpa were also on Oahu!

Since we’ve known Ed & Lori (grandma and grandpa) since we photographed their wedding (a few) years ago, I sent them a message and asked them if they wanted to have dinner together that night. They said yes and so we got together at Monkeypod Kitchen in Ko Olina for a nice dinner. While we were visiting the subject of Kylie’s one-year portraits came up, so we set up her session for right after Joannie & I returned home.

Kylie's one year portraits in a cute white dress and playing with a string of pearls.

Just too cute!

As you can see, Miss Kylie is totally adorable! She was on the verge of walking “totally freestyle” and in fact took several steps while we were taking her portraits! I’m guessing that by now walking is “old hat” for her!

Kylie's one year portraits in a cute pink dress and sitting on a child sized white chase lounger.

Pretty in pink!

Miss Kylie is no stranger to our studio as she’s been here for her whole first year of professional portraits! Beginning at the very beginning with her beautiful newborn portraits, her adorable four-month-old portraits, and her cute eight-month-old portraits too!

As we often do to celebrate one-year birthday milestones, we ended Kylie’s one-year portraits with a birthday cake and pretty pink balloons! She didn’t get too messy, but she did enjoy her birthday cake. Isn’t she just super cute?

Kylie's one year portraits with a cute birthday cake and pink balloons!

Party time!

Here’s Miss Kylie’s one-year portraits highlight music video complete with some cute video clips to help celebrate the occasion! Enjoy!

“Kylie’s One Year Portraits” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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