Vadnais Heights Commons Wedding

Last Friday, Joannie & I had the pleasure of photographing Aaron & Christina’s beautiful Vadnais Heights Commons wedding!

Wide angle photo of the bride & groom in the center of the beautiful ballroom. Wedding photo taken just before their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception in Vadnais Heights, MN.

Aaron & Christina surround themselves in the beautiful ballroom.

Joannie & I have been to this pretty venue before for charity events, including one we photographed for the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce a couple of years ago, but this was our first Vadnais Heights Commons wedding.

Cute bridal portrait of the bride & groom under her veil. Wedding photo taken at their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception.

I love you!

Aaron & Christina’s fun wedding day was full of unique ideas and a surprise or two. Surprise number one was the weather. After a nice warm week, last Friday was really cold and windy. It made it tough, especially for the girls, to be outside for very long. I gotta hand to the ladies, they toughed it out and looked great while doing so!

We began in the town of Vadnais Heights with the girls getting ready at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites with the boys getting ready right across the street at The Fairfield Inn. I bounced between the two hotels while Joannie hung out with the girls. Christina & Aaron exchanged gifts with one another (long distance) and we captured the moment for each of them in their respective hotel rooms.

Let’s Play Hockey!

Once everyone was ready to go, the wedding party set out for Saint Paul Johnson High School, where Christina works, for a unique first look.

Hockey is a big part of their lives, we even included the hockey theme in some of their engagement portraits at Rice Park last winter at the ice rink there. So having hockey as part of their wedding day was natural. Aaron would see Christina for the first time just as the Zamboni pulled away from in between them! Pardon the pun, but that was way cool!

The wedding party celebrates from behind the hockey boards watching the bride & groom share a kiss on the ice. A very unique wedding photo taken at Saint Paul Johnson High School on the East Side of St. Paul, MN.

After their first look, we hung around for a while capturing many fun wedding party photos at the hockey rink using the Zamboni as a prop at the end.

The groom leans over on the Zamboni to share a kiss with the bride on the hockey rink at Saint Paul Johnson High School on the East Side of St. Paul, MN.


Keller Lake Park

From there, we set out to nearby Keller Lake Park for Christina’s first look with her dad. That was followed by some very chilly wedding party photos with the pretty, early fall colors in the background. We did our best to keep the girls warm with blankets and quick stops in the van to warm up from time to time.

A pretty wedding party photo taken on a cold fall day at Keller Lake Park in St. Paul, MN.

Keeping warm at Keller Lake Park in St. Paul, MN.

Vadnais Heights Commons Wedding Ceremony

Next stop, Vadnais Heights Commons for family portraits and their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding ceremony. We photographed some of the families outside and finished inside by the warm fireplace before the ceremony. Aaron and Christina’s wedding ceremony was up next and while it was chilly, it also was a very pretty ceremony!

The bride and groom share the Unity Cross during their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding in Vadnais Heights, MN.

Aaron & Christina share the Unity Cross.

A beautiful, fun reception followed and the next surprise was about to happen.

The view of the ballroom from the entryway at a beautiful Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception in Vadnais Heights, MN.

The ballroom entryway at Vadnais Heights Commons.

Not only are these two big hockey fans, but they’re both big University of Minnesota fans too! Someone arranged to have Goldy Gopher come and spend some time at their reception! Aaron and Christina were pretty surprised when Goldy came walking around the corner!

The bride and groom along with surprise wedding guest Goldy Gopher pose together at their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception.

Aaron, Christina and Goldy Gopher!

An excellent dinner, followed by a really fun, packed dance floor closed out this awesome Vadnais Heights Commons wedding day celebration!

Wedding details photo of the wedding rings on a hockey puck, champaign glasses and the wedding bouquets. Wedding photo taken at their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception in Vadnais Heights, MN.

Pretty wedding details at Vadnais Heights Commons.

Aaron and Christina, Joannie & I are grateful that you selected us to be your wedding photographers. We had a marvelous day with you guys and your Vadnais Heights Commons wedding was truly beautiful. We look forward to showing you all your wedding photographs on the 27th. See you soon! –M&J

Aaron & Christina enjoy a glass of champaign in front of the beautiful fireplace at their Vadnais Heights Commons wedding reception.

Champaign by the fireplace.

“Vadnais Heights Commons Wedding” – ©2016 Michael Anderson Photography.

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