The Historic Deglman Farm Wedding

The Historic Deglman Farm Wedding

Joannie and I are very pleased to share The Historic Deglman Farm wedding photographs of Matt and Nicole with you. These guys became husband and wife on Saturday, September 19th on a bright and breezy late summer day in Princeton, Minnesota.

Wedding detail photo of the brides cowboy boots, wedding rings, her bouquet, and the wedding invitation.

A rustic wedding photo of Nicole’s cowboy boots, her pretty bouquet, their wedding rings, and the invitation.

This was our first time at this unique wedding venue and we’re already looking forward to our next time there! This place has it all. From pretty wedding photo spots to the out-of-the-ordinary (tractors, windmills, memorabilia, etc.), there are literally dozens of cool locations to create wedding photographs.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Joannie and I arrived extra early so we could check everything out and create a game plan for the day. Right away, we knew that we were going to be creating tons of great wedding pictures for Matt and Nicole. As far as a farm wedding venue goes, The Historic Deglman Farm is truly one-of-a-kind!

We began by photographing many of their wedding decorations that were all over the property. Then we capturing images of the two of them getting ready in the cool dressing rooms at The Historic Deglman Farm. And once Nicole was all set, she at Matt had their first look in the shade of some nearby pine trees.

Bride and groom stand=ing a a huge square frame at Deglman Farm.

Matt & Nicole “in the frame”.

That was a really cute moment and it got us off to a great start. Next, we would photograph our future newlyweds for a little while. At that point the sun had worked it’s way out from behind the cloud cover, so we employed our custom lighting cart, Lightning McQueen, to assist us with the challenging lighting conditions.

The Wedding Party & Much More

The Historic Deglman Farm wedding photograph of the wedding party.

Matt, Nicole, and their wedding party at The Historic Deglman Farm in Princeton, MN.

Up next, wedding party photos (lots of them)! Joannie and I photographed Matt and Nicole with their wedding party at several different times throughout the day. These guys were super nice and a lot of fun too (possibly even a little wild at times)! They say that variety is the spice of life and so you could say these guys and gals are now “well seasoned”.

The Historic Deglman Farm wedding photograph of the bride and her bridesmaids.

The back of Nicole’s pretty wedding gown (and her ladies too).

After our first round of wedding party photos, we moved on to family photos in a totally different location at Deglman Farm. After those images were created it was time to prepare for their wedding ceremony. Yes, that was at yet another new location on the property as well.

The Historic Deglman Farm wedding photograph of the groom and his groomsmen.

Da boys!

A Unique Entrance

Before we knew it, it was time to get these two married.

Joannie and I have seen a lot of things in our many years as wedding photographers. On this wedding day, we would witness something totally new. Matt, Nicole, some of their family members, and their whole wedding party would be brought to the ceremony on a tractor-pulled trailer!

A fun wedding photo of the wedding party on a hay wagon being laid by the wedding officiant on a Harley.

Dan Bradley, the guy who would marry them, leads the wedding party to the ceremony!

But that’s not all! Their good friend, Dan Bradley, the guy who would marry them, rode up the aisle on his Harley Davidson motorcycle! Definitely not your usual wedding processional, that’s for sure!

After a really sweet wedding ceremony, Matt and Nicole were now husband and wife, and it was time to celebrate! Joannie and I captured tons of great candid wedding photos of their guests having a great time all over the property. Much more on that will be coming up in “Part Two” of their wedding day in the days to come.

Bride and groom kissing at the end of their wedding ceremony.

Matt and Nicole “sealing the deal” at the conclusion of their pretty wedding ceremony.

There’s also going to be another of our one-of-a-kind light painted wedding photographs that we created with Matt and Nicole. We’ll be sharing that in “Part Three”.

Thank you, Matt & Nicole!

A big thank you to Matt and Nicole for having us as your wedding photographers. We really enjoyed hanging out with you all day (and night) long! We hope you’ve enjoyed your first sneak peek into your wedding photos at The Historic Deglman Farm as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

There’s A Movie

We’ve got a cute highlight music video on our YouTube Channel with many more of their fantastic wedding photographs at The Historic Deglman Farm. Please click on the link below to check that out. Thank you for reading our blog post and have a great one! – M&J

“The Historic Deglman Farm Wedding” – © 2020 Michael Anderson Photography.

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