Andy & Laura’s Anoka Engagement Portraits

Here are the “cool” Anoka Engagement Portraits of Andy & Laura!

Anoka Engagement Portraits of Winter Anoka Engagement Portraits of Andy & Laura taken by the Rum River.

Andy & Laura after a little “snowball fight” by the Rum River in Anoka, MN.

I had the pleasure of creating Andy & Lara’s engagement portraits several days ago in downtown Anoka, MN. This particular day looked really nice from the comfort of your home until you actually went outside! With a steady breeze out of the North, it was deceptively cold outside! But we made it through their engagement session in pretty good shape. Just a wee bit cold at the conclusion.

We met at Serums and we knew right away that it was pretty cold outside. So we worked quickly in and around downtown Anoka ducking into buildings to warm up every now and then. Thankfully the wonderful old buildings in Anoka offer some great backgrounds both inside and out when you need it. It’s one of the reasons I’ve loved doing Anoka Engagement Portraits (or any other type of portraits for that matter) all these years, you’ve got many portrait options available to you in any season.

We did get around to a little “snowball fight”, saving it until close to the end so we could all get back in the vehicle to warm up right away afterward. Andy and Laura even got to ride in “Big Red” our 15-year-old minivan! Hey, it runs, it’s paid for and the heat works just fine!

At the very end of the session and with “Big Red” running and toasty warm very close by, Andy and Laura got rid of their coats and we took the fun little engagement portrait series that you see at the conclusion. If you look closely you can even see the snow that was blowing off the rooftops of the nearby grain elevators. Burrrrr!

Winter Anoka Engagement Portraits of Andy & Laura taken by a grain elevator.

Andy & Laura brave the cold (without their coats) for their Winter Anoka Engagement Portraits.

I know you’re going to enjoy the highlight video from their Anoka engagement photos. Here’s to hoping that winter is about over! Enjoy and have great Wednesday!

“Andy & Laura’s Anoka Engagement Portraits” – ©2015 Michael Anderson Photography.

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